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School Bags and Backpacks

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School uniforms aren't complete without a school bag. And with all the new school year essentials, you need a bag that's big enough to carry it all. So, if you are hunting for a new bag, look no further than Matalan's selection of girls and boys school bags and backpacks. A school bag is a way for your son or daughter to express their personal style. At Matalan, we offer bags with all their favourite characters on them, From frozen and Peppa Pig and Batman to Marvel, so there is something for everyone. If your child is a bit older, we also offer more muted, plain bags and backpacks.

68 items


What bag is best for school?

Successful school days depend on good school bags, and the best you can get are spacious, sturdy, and comfortable on the shoulders. Necessary for carrying their school essentials, from stationery to study notes, it helps if the backpack they use is also in a design they love.

Since they’ll have to use it throughout the school year, picking the perfect school bag is an important decision. So, as well as being strong enough to take the weight of their necessities, it should also get your young academic excited for the school day.

Why do school bags have wide straps?

Comfort is crucial when it comes to school bags, which is why they have broad straps. Official advice suggests that children should carry a maximum of 10% of their body weight in their backpacks, and wider straps help to spread this weight out and reduce strain on the wearer’s shoulders.

School pump bags, also known as drawstring bags or cinch-up backpacks, are an exception to this rule. However, these sorts of school bags are typically only used to carry PE kits, spare school uniform, and other extra bits and pieces that won’t fit in their backpack.

What are school bags made of?

Materials that are both durable and lightweight are ideal for school bags. Polyester is a prime example of a great school bag material, and has the added advantage of being moisture, stain, and tear resistant. Other good materials to look out for are nylon and PVC.

Filled with bulky textbooks and often knocked about on the school bus, it’s important that their school bag can stand up to heavy duty usage. And, if the bags you find are also well suited to young gamers, super hero fans, or sequin and unicorn lovers, that’s a big bonus.

What goes in a school bag?

School bag essentials will vary depending on their year group. For example, primary school pupils will probably have exercise books, maths sets, and a pencil case full of coloured pencils, while those in secondary school might need folders, textbooks, and more technical equipment like calculators, headphones, or even a laptop.

With options available to suit school students all the way up to sixth form and college, the backpacks we stock at Matalan are large enough to carry whatever they need. Far from just functional, though, our extra fun styles come in a range of different designs, from Disney, Marvel and Sonic the Hedgehog prints to extra pretty school bags for girls.

How much does a school bag cost?

Great school bags don’t have to cost a fortune. While you can get school bags that run into the hundreds of pounds, it is very possible to buy better value backpacks for £20 and under that look great and will last through the school year.

Putting, comfort, top quality and great prices at the forefront, always, Matalan is proud to offer an affordable range of backpacks, as well as school uniform multipacks, school shoes and PE kit, that will easily survive the school year.