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Girls' PE Kit

23 items

Make sure she’s all set for school sports lessons with our girls’ PE kit collection. In sizes from 3 to 16 years, our school sportswear essentials are made with easy care and lasting colour technology that makes laundry day a breeze. Whether you’re looking for a cosy pair of joggers, a hoodie or a pack of short-sleeved T-shirts to keep her cool in the summer, our selection has got it covered. Don’t forget the accessories too – we’ve got comfy plimsolls and handy drawstring bags that will help her keep all her PE kit organised.

23 items


After-school enrichments

Being a kid can be a busy job. There’s gymnastics after school on Monday, tennis in the park on Tuesday, play date on Wednesday, night off Thursday, cinema club on Friday, phew the list goes on and on. If that sounds anything like your little one, then you’ll want to take a look at our range of sports and after school wear to make sure she’s got the right kit for all of her extra-curricular endeavours.

Staying cool in the cold

What is it with kids? It can be such a challenge to wrestle them into warmer clothes when the temperatures start to drop, especially when they’re around their pals. That’s why we’ve created a range of super warm, super practical and super cool girls’ hoodies so she can stay warm (making you happy) whilst looking cool (keeping her happy), it’s win-win.

Kit bag

Okay, so we’ve established just how many after-school activities keep her busy. You’ve bought the kit and all the extras, but has she actually got anywhere to put it all? If she has a tough day of running and jumping ahead of her, she’ll need a handy pump bag to take her kit in. We offer a range of handy, drawstring pump bags that either have space to write her name or a clear initial, so she’ll never get hers mixed up with one of her very many, very busy friends.

Uniform friendly colours

How strict is the uniform policy? If your kid has to wear the right gym kit to avoid a run-in with the teachers then panic not, our range of sports tees in white, yellow, red or blue and hoodies in blue or black should keep them on the right side of the schoolyard law!