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School Socks & Tights

31 items

Stock up on uniform essentials with our collection of school socks and tights. Designed to keep kids’ feet comfy all year round, our boys’ and girls’ school socks come in a selection of practical colours to ensure they meet all those strict uniform regulations – plus, they’re made from soft cotton and elastane blends so they don’t skimp on quality, either. Whether you’re looking for plain ankle socks, patterned tights or socks with gingham and lace trims, we’ve got all your needs covered. Our handy multipacks mean you’ll never be short of a few spares, either.

31 items


Super school socks

School socks & tights may not feature highly on your list of school essentials, but they probably should. Think about it, they have the unenviable task of keeping precious toes snug, warm and dry, whilst still looking smart enough for school. Available in a range of school colours, and in handy multipacks, our choice of school socks for both boys and girls are always ready to do the job.

Gingham dream

We all love Spring/Summer because the little ones can wear their gingham school dresses. To complete the look, why not add a pair of frilly gingham school socks? Our collection has all the traditional school colours red, green, blue and yellow - so you will be able to find the perfect gingham socks to match your school colours.

School tights time

Our girls school tights are made from cotton and Lycra for improved quality and comfort. Available in sizes age 2 to 14 and in a choice of colours, we’ve got you covered with these school essentials. That’s one more thing ticked off the to-buy list!

Stock up on school sock essentials

There’s always that one sock that goes missing after a wash, isn’t there? Fear not. No more searching inside washing drums or under beds; stock up on our girls school sock multipacks as back-up for those times when that one sock decides to make a break for it.

Robust school socks and school tights

Running, jumping, climbing, playing; there’s so much to get done in a school day. It’s all very hard work, so your child’s feet need to be cared for. Our school socks and tights are made with cotton and Elastane – working twice as hard to provide comfort and warmth for your child’s skin without falling down. Better stock up!