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Girls' School Skirts

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Set your little girl up for a good term by investing in some lovely girls' school skirts from our collection. Whether her school requires a black school skirt or a navy school skirt, we've got a range of school skirts in different styles and colours so you'll find one that meets their school's dress code. We've got comfy skort options for PE or pleated school skirts for their everyday uniforms, as well as multipack options which will see you through the whole of term. Here at Matalan, value is key. Our school skirts are made using sustainable materials, with easy-care finishes and lasting colour technology that make washing and ironing a breeze. Available in sizes ranging from 3 to 16 years, our collection will help you stay one step ahead of her growth spurts, too.

18 items


Stylish school skirts

Your girl's school uniform isn't complete without a school skirt. Our girl's school skirts are just what you need to keep your little one looking sharp throughout the school year. With details like pockets, front zips, pleats, elasticated waists and more, you'll be sure to find the perfect school skirt for your little one that meets their school's uniform requirements.

Types of school skirts

Within our collection of school skirts we have different fits, colours and styles to pick from so if you're little girl's school requires a box pleat skirt, skater skirt or knife pleat skirt, a grey, navy or black school skirt, whatever your school requires for their school wear we are here to help. Perhaps her school aren't as strict on uniforms and they can pick their preference, with a choice of styles and a range of sizes from age 3 to age 16, our stylish school skirts tick every box. Pair them with a school cardigan, cable tights for winter or knee socks for summer –they’re a school essential.

Multipack School Skirts

When little ones wear their uniform to school we all know that they could be painting, playing in the playground, doing food tech, or another activity which could risk stains or their uniform getting dirty. Maybe your little one has a habit of losing items when changing for P.E. Either way, it's a good idea to have more than one school skirt in their school wear wardrobe. We've have 2pack options that are great value - invest in one today!

Pleated School Skirts

Pleated school skirts are a timeless choice for a girls' school uniform, effortlessly adding a touch of sophistication to the overall look. Whether you prefer the traditional knife pleat or a modern box pleat, Matalan offers both styles to cater to your needs. Elevate your child's school attire with these versatile and smart options that will make them look like mini-professionals and ready to learn. With our wide range of pleated skirts, you can find the perfect piece to complement your little one's style.

Comfy Skirts For All Day

Say goodbye to itchy, restrictive uniforms and hello to all-day comfort with our school skirts! We ensure that your child feels comfortable and confident throughout the school day. Our school skirts are designed with your child's comfort in mind. Featuring elasticated waists for a perfect fit, soft fabrics that are gentle on the skin, and flippy styles that allow for easy movement, our skirts are a must-have for your little one's school wardrobe.

Grey or Black School Skirts

When it comes to your little girl's school uniform, we understand the importance of having the right skirt. If your little girl's school requires a grey school skirt or a black school skirt as part of the uniform then we've got you covered. We have both coloured school skirts in a range of styles like flippy skirts, pleated skirts and tube skirts so whatever they prefer there is an option for them. Friendly tone of voice for parents.

Teenage School Skirts

If your teenager is heading to sixth form and is ready to transition to a more mature school uniform, we have a selection of tube skirts and skirts with ruffle details that will help to show their personality. Sixth-form uniforms are often more relaxed, giving students the freedom to showcase their unique style. Let your teenager's individuality shine through with our stylish and age-appropriate skirt options.