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School Polos

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It’s crucial that your young ones have enough polo shirts to keep their school uniform looking clean and tidy all year long. And, here at Matalan, you can make sure that they do without breaking the bank! Ensure your little scholar always has a bright white school polo shirt to wear with a handy multi pack, or stock them up with shirts in yellow, blue, red, and other colours, all at reasonable price points. Whether you’re after a selection of short sleeve polos or a single long sleeve polo shirt, you can always rely on the quality of the range we sell.

17 items


Preppy polos

What uniform run would be complete without a restocking of the classic school polo shirt? Boys and girls alike stay happy and comfy in these school staples – and we’ve given them a quick revamp in our latest collection. Best of all, they’re easy to wash, they last for yonks and they definitely won’t shrink in the tumble dryer.

Comfort is king

100% cotton, 100% of the time. That’s the promise we make to you. Our kids spend all day in their school polo shirts, so we want them to be comfortable. And we haven’t forgotten you. Value is the name of the game with our school polo shirt two-packs, which offer softer fits and better quality for a shade of the price you’d pay elsewhere.

Styles to suit everyone

Polo shirts are the best school uniform choice in the warmer months, so every child should have a couple in their wardrobe, right? Our selection features an array of sizes to ensure all kids can find the right fit. And with ages 3 to 16 sorted, age needn’t be a blocker either. Worry not – we’ve got you covered.

Fuss-free fabrics

A school jumper or jersey is a great low-cost option, while still offering supreme breathability when it’s hot. Check out our bright or white jersey polo shirts, with different blends of cotton and elastane to suit varying needs. Practical, pretty and priced right… we’ve got your polo needs perfectly covered right here.  

The sweet deets

Our polo shirts for girls are now better than ever, with special detailing like flower-shaped buttons, scalloped-edge collars and pretty cap sleeves.