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Don’t travel without


You’re making your holiday list, you’re checking it twice but you’re SURE you’ve forgotten something - sound like a familiar scenario? Take a look at our handy travel accessories range which just might act as a convenient reminder of the travel essentials you simply wouldn’t want to leave home without.


The security work around


There’s nothing worse than getting to security and realising you’ve packed all your favourite toiletries but they’re too big to take onboard. Thankfully, we’ve thought ahead. Check out our handy pack of travel-size bottles, containing two 100ml bottles and an interchangeable spray nozzle, making them perfect for decanting sprays and lotions that you couldn’t bear to leave at home.


Pre-holiday snoozing


These days, early morning flights mean a 2.30am start before a week of fun in the sun isn’t uncommon, so an airborne nap will be very appealing as you climb on board. Our travel eye mask and compact travel pillow fit easily into your hand luggage and almost guarantee a quick kip before the fun starts.


You’re guaranteed to need this!


Don’t leave it until you get to the airport and pay a hefty premium to pick up your travel adaptor, check out our range of adaptors that make charging your kindle while you’re on your jollies a breeze. Available in European and US/Asia adapters, you’ll be covered wherever you’re heading.


Bling up your bags


Terrified of picking up the wrong case at the luggage carousel and aware your luggage is depressingly generic? Panic not, we’ve got your back. Pick up a nifty lock (to ensure no strangers accidently rifle through your underwear) and a handy luggage strap from our travel accessories collection and you’ll spot your luggage a mile off.

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