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Matalan is helping to raise funds to enable Alder Hey Children’s Hospital to deliver life-­changing research into childhood conditions like arthritis, cancer and diabetes. Meet some of the patients below and read their amazing life changing stories, watch a video of the new research centre and find out more about these diseases and the hospital on the Alder Hey children’s hospital website.


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Jacob Brindley

When he was just 11 months old Jacob was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia. Jacob’s local GP referred him to Alder Hey where doctors quickly made the diagnosis. He successfully finished treatment 2 years later, but a year on the cancer returned. After another round of chemotherapy and radiotherapy he was given the all clear in 2015. Jacob is an Alder Hey Children’s Charity Young Fundraising Ambassador and the reason why we think it's so important to support Alder Hey and all the amazing work and research they do.

Alder Hey means so much to our family, they supported us through an immensely difficult time, and gave us hope for the future. The Matalan campaign is for an amazing hospital, Jacob made some fantastic memories on the day that we will never forget.
Mum of Jacob, Claire Brindley


Harry Howard, age three from Wigan, has just had some wonderful news….he’s beaten cancer. Harry was diagnosed with Stage 4 Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma in November 2016. He had over 200 treatments at Alder Hey including: seven rounds of chemotherapy, 25 chemotherapy drug infusions, eight surgeries, 36 blood and platelet transfusions, 14 lumbar punctures and 20 general anaesthetics. In June he was given the great news that his cancer was in remission. Harry is a real fighter and his recovery is just one of the many reasons we are proud to support Alder Hey and all the hard work they do.

Isabelle now 7 and Alayna now 3

At just three weeks old Isabelle was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis (CF) from a newborn screening test. Her younger sister Alayna was also diagnosed with CF shortly after she was born. Three years ago Isabelle took part in a clinical research trial at Alder Hey, she said: “I want to help me and my little sister and people like us, so we get sick less and can play more.” We totally agree with Isabelle and that's why we continue supporting Alder Hey's incredible work.  

Fun facts About Alder Hey

At Any Time there are over 100 clinical research studies taking place, ranging from observational studies to complex, interventional clinical trials. The design of the new Alder Hey was based on a drawing by 15 year old patient, Eleanor Borgan that impressed the architects. Alder Hey was the first to test penicillin saving a child from pneumonia in 1944

Inspired By Children

The story behind Alder hey in the Park's unique design

In 2009 Alder Hey Children's Hospital Charity asked children and young people from the hospital what they wanted from a new Alder Hey. They had almost 1,000 responses, with the children's ideas driving the concept and design of the new hospital. Fifteen year old Eleanor Brogan's drawing impressed the architects so much that they used it as inspiration for their final design. Watch the video to find out more.

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Matalan Volunteer at Alder Hey

A team of volunteers from Matalan went in to Alder Hey over a 2 day period and decorated the walls and ceilings around the hospital with graphics designed by Matalan's design team. The aim of the artwork is to create distraction for the children.

Distraction is an essential part of caring for children. Distraction can help everything from the management of pain, to simply taking a child's mind off anything from an injection to the journey into an operation theatre. At Alder Hey, art and play form a huge part of distraction techniques. Alder Hey leads the way in the use of art, music, dance and sport distraction techniques.

Alder Hey as a special place in my heart, I know a few children who have been treated there and have seen for myself the amazing work and miracles the staff do on a daily basis. Being able to help make their journeys into the operating theatres that little bit less frightening made all the hard work worth it.
Donna Howard - PR & Social Media Manager

Say Hello To Lily!

When Lily was just three, her knees and ankles began to swell. It hurt her so much, she could hardly move her legs at all. It was heartbreaking, and though two operations helped for a while Lily was soon back in terrible pain. Her older sister Daisy said she’d see her crying and sitting on her own at school, because she knew she couldn’t play or join in with the other children. That’s when her parents decided to take part in the research study the consultant at Alder Hey had suggested.

Today, she's so, so much better - smiling, laughing and, incredibly, loving gymnastics! The other night Nick and I were stood watching her playing and laughing on her trampoline and I looked at him and said 'I know what you're thinking'. We both knew. It's just wonderful, amazing, magical how far she's come.
Jane, Lily's mum
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