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What To Expect In Baby's First Year - Monthly Baby Milestones

First of all, it’s worth nothing that these baby milestones are intended to be a rough guide only and they certainly aren’t set in stone. Every baby is unique and they will do things at a rate which suits them individually. It’s an age old cliché that babies grow up too fast, but in actual fact, in their first year this is the fastest your baby will grow in their entire life! They’ll go from being a teeny tiny baby who seems to only drink milk, sleep, poop, repeat - to a fully fledged toddler in what feels like the blink of an eye. Try to savour and enjoy these precious moments with your little one - raising miniature humans is a rollercoaster ride that flies by in a sleep deprived whirlwind. Watching your baby develop a little bit more every day is one of the most incredibly re-warding jobs we can have as parents. It makes all of those sleepless nights and the caf-feine fuelled days totally worth it. Remember - if you have any concerns about your little one’s development make sure to speak to your Health Visitor and get the advice and help that you need. Here are some of the magical milestones you can look forward to in your little one’s first year.

What To Expect In Baby’s First 4 Weeks

1. Baby’s First Bath
2. Baby’s First Time in their Car Seat
3. Baby’s First Time in their Pram/pushchair
4. Learning to turn their head in response to voices/sounds
5. Starting to recognise faces
6. Beginning to Smile (by the end of their first month)

What To Expect In Baby’s First 6 Months

1. Baby’s First Teeth
2. Learning to giggle
3. Learning to roll over
4. Learning to sit up