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The Reality of Leaving The House With a Newborn

When baby arrives, you might relish the chance to cosy up at home getting to know your new addition. Or, you could suffer with cabin fever and crave direct sunlight. I was somewhere between the two. After weeks of being cooped up thanks to a heatwave and cankles, I was pretty keen to take the new pram for a spin. But when it came down to it, I had this funny, niggling feeling. I knew that leaving the house wasn’t going to be so simple from now on and that made me uneasy.

If you’d like to get to grips with that it’s like to leave the house with a tiny human in tow, or you’re a new mama preparing to take out their little explorer, this post is for you.

Whether you can’t wait to step outside or you’re less fussed, try to relax. Getting out and about can seem like a big deal, but the reality is not so bad. There will be times when you forget something or baby just won’t settle, but if there’s one thing I’ve learned as a mum, it’s that we can tackle anything! Challenge a mum with a nappy explosion; dealing with a hungry baby in the supermarket aisle or cover us in baby sick and we’ll find a fix.

And to make everything easier to handle when all you’ve had is a few hours of broken sleep, a list is a must. Make sure you save the Bump, Baby & You and Matalan Checklist for Leaving the House with a Newborn.

When you’re packing your bag you’ll soon work out where you like to put things. As you pack, focus on remembering which pockets or sections things are in and how easy they’ll be to get to. The things you’re most likely to need should be easiest to reach.

BBY’s Three Top Tips for Your First Outing With baby

The first trip out with baby can be a breath of fresh air but it’s perfectly normal n ot to feel totally confident. Make sure you have the basics covered by feeding, burping and changing baby right before you leave. Bump, Baby & You mums told us that keeping these three points in mind helped them to find their stride.

Stay Close

There are lots of pros for sticking close to home while you and your little one find your groove. Firstly, you may still be a bit sore and want to take it easy. Secondly, you won’t be too far away if you do need to pop back home. And of course, if you’re not going far you can go on foot. This means you can use the pram or baby carrier rather than putting your full car seat, travel system and assembly skills to the test. Do think about where you’re heading too. Is it practical for a pram? Would you feel more comfortable going to a less crowded place? Or meeting a friend or family member?

Learn The Art of Layering

Wearing and packing light layers for you and baby can save you from having to do whole outfit changes on the move. If the weather changes, a poonami takes you by surprise or you’re both soaked by baby sick, being able to swap what you’re wearing quickly makes for much less hassle. Plus, carrying a couple of baby grows or a clean top for you doesn’t add a lot of weight to your change bag. “I like to look my best and be organised, so things like unexpected naps and last-minute changes messed with my sense of inner-calm at first!” Anelia Vaneva, Community Executive, Bump, Baby & You

Accept Baby Time

If you’re the type of person who hates being late, getting out and about with baby can take some adjusting. The truth is, no matter how organised you are babies have a habit of messing up your timings. Whether it’s a nappy change just before you leave the house or an extra-long nap, ‘baby time’ is very real and that’s just something you learn to accept. The good thing is that new mummy friends you meet along the way will be on baby time too. And for those times when you really need to get up and out of the house super early, grab our checklist and pack your bag the night before to give yourself a head start.

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