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Becoming a mum for the first time or again can be the most exciting and busiest time of your life, so celebrating those ‘mummy milestones’ can help make those little moments special again.

We surveyed mums throughout the UK and asked what milestones they considered important. SPOILER ALERT: washing your hair is one of those everyday tasks seriously taken for granted, until you have a new born baby!

The top stats found were that the average mum will start exercising 13 weeks after having a baby, but won’t get to enjoy their first post-pregnancy night out with friends for almost seven months. While mums will sip their first alcoholic drink within five months of their baby being born, new parents face a seven month wait before they will have a child-free date night.

Little niceties like enjoying a hot cup of tea or coffee won’t be so easy anymore and before you take a sip it could be cold! You will also go four months before enjoying a relaxing shower or bath without rushing, but how good will it feel when you do!

If you’re wondering when you will be happy leaving your newborn with a friend or relative, that won’t be until 5 months later and it’s 7 months before you feel ‘back to normal’ after becoming a parent, but with the little ones faces lighting up when you look after them, these mummy milestones are all worth it!

Watch our video to see what our mums say about their mummy milestones and shop our baby range here.

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