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If you love nothing more than wearing brand labels loud and proud, look no further than Bench clothing for men. Whether you’re warming up in a men’s Bench jacket, or chilling out in a tracksuit at home, it’s all here for you to choose from. Men’s Bench clothing is the perfect mix of style and function, so you can choose your style from laid back athleisure, essentials like socks and boxer shorts, to smart jackets, shirts and more. Your wardrobe has never looked better.


    Instantly recognisable

    When someone says bench clothing to you, one thing will spring to mind. That is the iconic brand known for high-quality, casual clothing. We’re going to talk to you about the latter because no wardrobe should be without clothing that combines cool and comfort quite like Bench.

    A long history

    Starting in Manchester in 1989, Bench quickly became a household name, filling the wardrobes of men across the country. Inspired by the world of skateboarding, the brand soon boomed, and now you can wear their unique style in every walk of life with ease.

    The iconic tees

    The first item that burst on the scene, the skateboarding world helped Bench to establish their amazing line of graphic tees. Available in an assortment of colours, with bold statements on the front, these are a great item of clothing for days out or dress down days at work. But, if graphic tees aren’t entirely your thing, you’ll find an array of other styles to keep you happy.

    For everyone

    When it comes to clothing that offers comfort and casual style in abundance, you’ll want it in your wardrobe. Luckily, Bench creates t-shirts made for all men in a variety of sizes that cover the whole spectrum, starting with a small and going to a large and beyond.

    Wrap them up

    While Bench clothing will look great hanging on you, they also make excellent gifts for everyone from your dad to your brother, uncle, partner, son or grandson. From birthdays and Christmas to Father’s Day or when you feel someone’s wardrobe needs a little fun adding to it, a Bench t-shirt, hoodie or sweats will always be welcomed.