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Established in 2011, HYPE. began as a self-funded project, designing printed clothing and accessories. Within months, HYPE. had started to evolve into one of the UK's most recognisable brands.

55 items


Are HYPE. products good for school?

Back-to-school staples for teens across the UK, HYPE. backpacks, lunch bags and coats are durable enough to last far beyond the upcoming term, and cool enough for kids to express individuality. So, not only are they high quality, they’ll also get them excited to get back to class.

The brand has come a long way since its inception in 2011. Once a self-funded project based out of a single room in the Midlands, over the years HYPE. has become one of the most recognisable brands in the UK, loved especially by tweens, teens and young adults alike who want to make a statement with their style.

Are HYPE. backpacks good quality?

As well as being stylish, spacious, and kitted out with plenty of pockets, HYPE. backpacks are also great quality. They’re durable and lightweight, resistant to tears, and moisture and stain-resistant for a finish that will easily last them through the year.

From holding heavy textbooks and stationery to being used as goalposts at breaktimes, school backpacks have a lot to endure through the week. That’s why it’s so important to invest in one that will look its best for months to come. And, if it’s also a style your youngster will love, that’s a major bonus.

Are HYPE. bags cool?

While there are plenty of practical benefits too, the meteoric rise of HYPE. bags can be chalked up to their undeniably cool designs. Complete with eye-catching, graphic prints in bold colours, there’s a reason so many kids want HYPE. backpacks, lunch boxes and pencil cases for school.

Not all HYPE. bags are loud though. Simply search our selection and you’ll be sure to find more toned-down options in shades of navy, black or grey. Ideal for term time, they do still have that signature HYPE. attitude that teens and young adults tend to love.

What are the best coats for school?

The best coats for school are designed to keep them warm through the winter, protect them from the wind and rain, and still look cool enough for kids to want to wear them. Enter: the HYPE. selection of kids’ school coats.

With a range of padded and puffer styles that will keep them cosy over their school uniform, many of which come with protective hoods and even snuggly faux fur trims, HYPE. school coats also boast trendy designs. Coveted by kids and appropriate for school, you can’t really go wrong with a high-quality coat from the HYPE. collection.

Is HYPE. popular?

HYPE. is super popular, especially with 14-25 year olds. Since its start, the brand has opened flagship stores in London and Taiwan and is loved by school students across the world. A great back-to-school brand, the latest HYPE. bags and coats usually fly off the shelves in autumn.

Known for their exciting, unique style, it’s no wonder HYPE. products are so in demand. Here at Matalan, we stock a hand-picked range that we think will be perfect for termtime, including spacious backpacks, handy lunch bags, sustainable water bottles, stylish pencil cases and cosy coats.