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Moda Minx Care Instructions

Due to the delicate nature of your moda minx product, please follow these instructions carefully.

All swimwear must be hand washed separately in cold water using very mild soap.

While all swimwear with accessories can be worn in pool or ocean water they are not intended for strenuous physical water activities or long periods of time in chlorine water.

Direct sunlight and uv as well as oils, sun creams, spas and salt water may cause discolouration to the fabric and accessories.

Due to the nature of the dye in some fabrics, bright colours may fade or bleed.

Designed for the ‘gram.

Embellished swimwear and bikinis that have crystals, links or chain hardware are luxury poolside items only and not intended for water exposure.

If you choose to wear these in water this will be at your own discretion. We will not be held responsible if you choose to ignore our recommendations. Some hardware may seem fine when exposed to water but over time may deteriorate.

Long story short? Our cute cozzies aren’t the best swimmers and are best suited to the pool side, paired with a mojito and a whole load of sass.

Every piece is as unique as you are.

Printed garments are cut from a roll of fabric in which occasionally the print may not be in exactly the same place as what is photographed.

For example, a leopard print may be centralized in a photo but may be slightly to the side on the finished product. This is completely normal to avoid fabric wastage which would otherwise incur higher costs.

Our garments are as unique as you are, so you can live your best life with the peace of mind that nobody else will show up in your outfit.


We put our heart and soul into designing our custom crystals and embellishments. As our accessories are custom made, crystals will not be glued in and may come loose after some time.

We avoid harsh glues to maintain our delicate fabrics.

‘rinse’ the attention.

We advise all suits to be rinsed immediately following use using cold water in a mild detergent ensuring the accessories do not meet the water.

This can be done easily by washing over a sink. Top tip, wrap the accessories in cling film to make a waterproof barrier.

Our clothing is gonna be lookin’ super hot on you, so cool the sizzle with a splash of cold water when cleaning. Your moda minx threads will thank you for it!

Time to get hands on.

Do not iron, tumble dry or machine wash – including the hand wash setting on your appliance. We advise against using a dry clean service as they may not be aware of the fabric compositions and steam could lead to damage to your item.

Unlike other garments, your moda minx clothing needs you to get a little more hands on when washing. It’ll make you love them more, promise!

Best served dry.

Some dyes can run when wet. We only use the best quality dyes, but colour longevity cannot be guaranteed. Take care not to wear lighter coloured clothing over wet swimwear as some colours may transfer when wet.

Any fabrics that are not lycra are not designed to get wet. This includes any metallic fabrics. This fabric in particular is prone to discolouration by multiple washes.

Nothing screams sexy like body-lovin’ lycra! Follow our tips and keep it bright to ensure plenty of head-turning.

Tips to maintain your shine.

Custom jewellery and accessories are metal based and under sun exposure may heat up. It is your responsibility to ensure there is no prolonged sun exposure to avoid any damage to the accessory and skin.

Just like your skin, your jewellery can catch too many rays. Stay on the safe side and keep your jewellery shaded while you soak up the sun.

Flawless when flat.

It is advisable to keep items flat when drying and allow them to drip dry straight after washing. Do not wring out excess water to keep the fabric from stretching and to prevent any colour transfer.

P.s, don’t wring your ex, or your clothes, end of. Take it from us, it never ends well.

First things first, i’m a showgirl.

Please do not pull or tug at any part of your item. This applies across any of our items. If you pull at any section of our garments too vigorously, breakage may occur and we will not be held responsible for this.

Our items are precious just like you, so ensure a gentle hand when fastening yourself in.

To steer clear of stains.

Direct sunlight, uv, as well as oils, fake tan, sun cream, spas, and salt water may cause discolouration to the fabric and/or accessories. Please take care when applying lotions, oils, fake tan and makeup as these will mark the fabric.

Trust us babe, that body glow isn’t worth staining your favourite bikini for.

Beautiful things require upkeep, but we promise it’s worth it. If you have any queries about your moda minx purchase, drop us an email at