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Discover luxury bedding in the extensive Slumberdown range today. Rest your head on supportive Slumberdown pillows designed to ease everyday aches and pains. Cosy up after a long day in super soft Slumberdown duvets including handy temperature duvets that ensure you don’t get too hot or too cold throughout the night. Do you struggle with snoring at night? Check out the Slumberdown Anti-Snore pillow, created to encourage better breathing by supporting the head and neck. You can also find plenty more duvets, pillows, mattress protectors and more in our complete bedding range ‒ shop now.

19 items

Seasons change

Seasons change and if you’re still making do with one duvet all year round then it might be time to rethink things. Our Slumberdown bedding collection, which is part of the homeware range, contains temperature control 10.5 tog quilts for the warmer months (and those in-between-y nights) and 13.5 togs for the colder nights. Meaning you can sleep like a baby, whatever the weather.

Gently hint with pillows

If your other half is prone to the odd snore then perhaps you can drop a gentle hint, in the most British way possible by picking up some of our anti-snore pillows. The soft, hollowfibre pillows are exclusive to Matalan and have been designed with an ‘S’ shaped inner foam core which is to encourage better breathing (and so, less snoring) by supporting the head and neck. With a cotton cover, the pillow is cool to the touch to guarantee a dreamy night’s sleep. For both of you.

Huggable snuggles

If you can’t think of anything better than snuggling into your bed at the end of a hard day then you might want to take a look at our Slumberdown Huggable pillows and duvet. With super soft, hollow fibre filling pillows and a cosy 13.5 tog duvet that gently wraps around you as you sleep. Now, all you need to do is find a cosy enough pair of pyjamas.

Choose your size

From single duvets for the kid’s bed to King Size duvets for Mum and Dad’s bed (which are big enough for the whole brood fit under on a Sunday morning), we stock a complete range of duvets to fit any size bed. We also do Box, V-shape and Orthopaedic pillows so you can go all bespoke in the bedroom.