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Home Workout Tips

The New Year is a perfect time to start making healthy changes to your lifestyle and we’re here to make sure you keep your fitness resolutions this year. Whether you’re aiming to lose weight, tone up or simply become a little more active, we have everything covered with expert home workout tips from our fitness pros.

HIIT Workout

Lucy Mountain from The Fashion Fitness Foodie has put together her top 5 full body workout tips to get your blood pumping and heart racing.

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Bodyweight Squats

From a standing position, squat down to the floor keeping your back straight and your chest up. Make these more advanced by doing jump squats.

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Mountain Climbers

Get into a push up position and bring alternating knees up towards your chest, keeping your core engaged. If you’re more advanced, crank up the pace on these.

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Star Jumps

From a standing position with your arms by your side, explode into a ‘star’ shape with your legs wide and arms out in the air.

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Get a head start before the New Year and start January feeling motivated and confident with this beginner’s Pilates workout from blogger and Pilates guru, Lottie Murphy.

Shoulder Bridge & Roll

Lay on your back with your feet hip width apart and knees bent at 90 degrees.

Lift your hips to the ceiling to create a bridge, squeeze your glutes and draw your navel into to your spine.

Roll your spine back down to the mat vertebra by vertebra.

Hip Rolls

Lay on your back with your feet together and knees bent at 90 degrees. Arms in a wide V position.

Roll your pelvis to one side, lifting one hip off the mat and rotating your spine.

Roll back to the middle engaging your core. Alternate sides.

Table Top

Start on your hands and knees with a long, lengthened spine.

Reach your leg behind you straight engaging your glutes and hamstring and keeping your spine stable.

Bring the knee back under the hip. Alternate legs.


Start on your back with your knees bent and hands behind your head.

Curl your head, neck and upper back off the mat then reach your arms down by your sides.

Keep your curl up and pump your arms up and down, breathing in for 5 and out for 5 up to 100.


Start on your hands and knees with a long, lengthened spine.

Step one leg back behind you and then the other leg so you hold a plank position. Make sure your hips are in-line with your shoulders and feet.


Start laying on your front with your legs together and your arms down by your side.

Lift your head, neck and upper back off the mat and at the same time lift and turn your arms around so your palms face your body.

Lower back down to the mat.

Home Workout

Hannah and Emily, the fitness duo behind Twice the Health have given us their advice for starting a new fitness regime in the new year.

Set Yourself a Goal

“When it comes to diet and fitness ‘wants’ or ‘needs’ it’s easy to compare yourself to others, to focus on what they have and strive for it. But why reach for their goals when you could reach for your own? Think long and hard about your focus and get set on it. Not only will this promise success, it’ll make that ‘I did it feeling’ 1000 times better. Achieving something you’ve worked and trained hard for is a feeling like no other.”

Buddy up!

Take a look at some of Hannah & Emily’s buddy workouts you can do with your friends in the comfort of your own home.

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Don’t be Afraid to Ask a Professional

“Finally, don’t be afraid to seek advice. It’s this all-important knowledge from those you trust that will sprinkle the fairy dust on your success. By knowing and understanding your body a little better, you can ensure you’re both fuelling and training in the most efficient way.”
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