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With roots going back to 1904 as a workwear company, Wrangler was born in 1947 to serve the western cowboy market. Within two short decades, a cultural revolution had changed the world and Wrangler had moved with it. What had started as functional utility wear, designed to withstand rugged work, soon became the uniform of the youth movement. Created for rodeo riders and ranch hands, Wrangler was adopted by trailblazers and rock stars and throughout its history, the authentic all-American denim icon has created era-defining style.

3 items

What clothes does Wrangler make?

Founded in America, the Wrangler brand is known for its iconic pairs of jeans and other clothing items, namely workwear. With so much on offer to cover days in the office to laid-back weekends alike, you can also treat yourself to stylish tees, retro denim jackets and so much more.

Perfectly bridging the gap between smart and casual, how can you go wrong with Wrangler? Featuring an array of classic colours, including black and blue, to help you effortlessly build your everyday attire, these jeans and other clothing staples never skimp on quality or durability. Win-win!

Are Wrangler jeans good?

One of the best known and trusted brands out there for contemporary essentials, Wrangler jeans are renowned for their high quality and modern fashion. Providing staples for men, these Wrangler jeans will provide a wide range of pairing possibilities – the choices are endless. What are you waiting for?

Here at Matalan, we care about combining comfort with practicality – that’s where Wrangler jeans come in. Crafted with handy pockets for extra storage space, belt loops to make accessorising a breeze and a zip fly to make on/off never easier, Wrangler jeans are simply built to last.

Why are Wrangler jeans so popular?

Why bother buying jeans that skimp on durability when you can treat yourself to a high-quality Wrangler pair? Long-lasting, meaning they can be worn many times for outdoor work, pub crawls and so much more, they also stand as a symbol of American heritage, evoking a cool, cowboy aesthetic.

T-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, polos, you name it – Wrangler jeans will pair well with just about anything. Designed to revolutionise your denim collection, these rustic pairs have been popular amongst rockstars for many decades, showcasing their cultural significance. What’s more, they’re also perfect for throwing on when you’re grafting all day long!

Do Wranglers have stretch?

Good news – Wrangler jeans are constructed with an elastane stretch to ensure maximum comfort for various activities. Tailored to provide the perfect fit for many different body shapes, not only do they come in sleek slim fits, but they also include regular waist and straight leg styles for easy movement.

We know how frustrating it can be when you treat yourself to new jeans, only to find that they’re too stiff and rigid! That’s where Wrangler comes in. Created to provide satisfying stretch, there’s a reason why these jeans are as appropriate for workdays as they are for off-duty activities!

Is Wrangler true to size?

It can be quite the risk purchasing a new pair of jeans. Luckily, Wrangler pairs are true to size, meaning you don’t have to worry about switching things up. These garments are cut skinnier, narrower, straighter and fuller designs, allowing every customer to find the perfect style and fit!

Easy to move in, modern and endlessly fashionable, Wrangler products are the way forward. Here at Matalan, we’ve selected a great range of Wrangler jeans, T-shirts and sweatshirts to help you build your workwear and weekend line-up. So, go ahead and put your trust in Wrangler – you won’t be disappointed!