Top 10 things you need to do at the seaside this summer

by Kirsty from @labelsforlunch

Top 10 things you need to do at the seaside this summer

by Kirsty from @labelsforlunch

1. Find some beach huts and paddle in the sea

Ah! The iconic British beach hut! Is there anything more magical than stumbling across a row of bright coloured beach huts? Find your favourite, take an instagram photo in front of it and then whip off your shoes and socks to have a paddle in the sea! Top Tip: It’s always worth packing a beach towel even if you don’t plan on sunbathing it’s nice to have a towel to sit on and dry your feet on!

2. Explore the local landmarks

There’s always something weird and wonderful to see at the seaside! Dover has it’s iconic White Cliffs, Margate has Shell Grotto, Brighton has a palace, Hastings has an annual Pirate Parade and Blackpool has it’s Tower. Immerse yourself in the local oddities and you never know what you might learn along the way!

3. Eat Chips on the beach (& Have a 99 For Dessert!)

Ever been to Padstow? They have the best fish & chips in the UK! Rick Stein has a luxe seafood restaurant there as well as a good ol’ chippy, but even if there’s no Michelin star chef in town, there’s plenty of amazing old fashioned fish & chip shops in every seaside town. The best way to enjoy them is in the sunshine, sat on the sand with your BFF sat next to you!

4. Explore the local vintage and antique shops

I’ve found some of my favourite vintage clothes and homewares in seaside antique shops and vintage stores. In Brighton you can spend hours poking around the retro shops in the Lanes and in Margate there’s oddles of amazing vintage shops also, including Fort Yard Road which is filled with fairground salvage and mid-century furniture. Whilst a stick of rock is always a fun souvenir, an old Waltzer cart made into a garden chair is so much better!

5. Play bingo!!

Is there anything more exciting than spending an afternoon in a bingo hall with all the glamour nana’s to play a few rounds of bingo!? I think not! ‘All the 2’s, 22’, ‘Rise & Shine, 29’. Also, the best cups of tea in town can be found in the bingo hall, in Blackpool you can get a cup of tea for 20p, and you never know, you might even win big!

6. Send your parents / grandparents an old fashioned post card

Postcards are a wonderful way to spread a little joy! Buy a postcard (the cheesier the better!), get yourself a coffee and write your grandparents, parents, favourite aunt and tell them all about the highlights of your seaside adventure! PS. Don’t forget to buy a few sticks of rock and fridge magnets for your friends!