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Discover our range of Barbie pyjamas, clothing and accessories at Matalan. From comfy Barbie nightwear to fun daywear items, we have something for every girl. Whether you’re after a Barbie t-shirt or a set of PJs and duvet cover, our collection is perfect for your little princess! We even have suitcases, hooded towels and fleeces that are perfect for your little girls next holiday. Shop the Barbie collection at Matalan online today!

67 items


Our Barbie Collection

Welcome to our Barbie Collection, where fantasy meets fashion in a fabulous array of styles for fans and families alike. Whether you are a lifelong Barbie devotee or a parent introducing the next generation to this timeless brand, this collection offers something special for everyone.

Barbie Clothing

Let everyone know how much of a Barbie fan you are by dressing yourself in Barbie clothing. We've got Barbie logo pieces for all age ranges. From girls' Barbie clothes to women's Barbie clothes. We've even got Ken clothing items for those who are big Ken fans. Unfortunately, Allan has missed out this time!

Pink Barbie Outfits

Barbie are know for their inconic hot pink logo which is instantly recognisable to it's fans. Take inspiration and add it to your everyday by diving into the world of pink by styling with our meticulously curated Barbie merch, designed to make every day brighter and more beautiful.

Barbie T-Shirts: Express Your Style

Adorn yourself in the latest from our Barbie T-Shirt range, featuring eye-catching designs. Perfect for casual outings or cosy days in, these Barbie tees combine comfort with glamour, allowing fans of all ages to showcase their love for Barbie.

Logo Items: Wear the Legacy

Our collection of Barbie logo items is a nod to their legacy, each piece crafted to celebrate the brand that has inspired generations. From chic accessories to statement-making apparel, these items are a must-have for collectors and enthusiasts eager to wear their hearts on their sleeves—or across their chests.

Barbie PJs: Dream in Style

Embrace the Barbie dream even as you drift off to sleep with our exclusive range of Barbie PJs. Designed with comfort and cuteness in mind, these Barbie pyjamas are perfect for those who live and breathe Barbie, offering a stylish way to end the day. We've got kids Barbie PJs, Barbie snuggle hoodies and more to choose from!

Barbie Bedding: Transform Your Space

Bring the magic of Barbie into your home with our selection of Barbie bedding. If you're little one is a Barbie mega fan then why not make their bedroom a reflection of that? With single and double duvet set options, it's never been easier to make your little ones room and Barbie sanctuary.

Barbie Hoodies: Cosy Up in Barbie Chic

For cooler days or cosy evenings, our Barbie hoodies are just what you need to keep warm while staying stylish. These hoodies are versatile enough for a casual day out or a relaxing day in, and are a great way to make pink the focus of your outfit.