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Peppa Pig Clothes & Accessories

38 items

An absolute paradise for parents of Peppa Pig fanatics, say hello to this charming page of themed character clothing! Our Peppa Pig clothes include, but are not limited to, dresses, T-shirts and pyjama sets – so, no matter the time of year, you’ll have them covered with this adorable collection here at Matalan. On top of being able to purchase a Peppa Pig dress or two, you can also pick up Peppa Pig shoes so your little one can trot through their next big adventure in the cutest way possible! Full of colour and personality, Matalan’s collection of Peppa Pig clothing also features accessories to ensure that young admirers can easily build and coordinate their outfits.

38 items


A piggy play date

As grownups, we’re not entirely sure how much we’d want a little piggy coming over for a play date but we’ll do what it takes to keep the little ones happy, even if that means watching Peppa and her exploits on repeat on a rainy Sunday. Check out our range of Peppa Pig goodies and get ready to make them smile.

Piggy bedrooms

If your little one is about to move into their big bed for the first time then what better way to ease the transition than by providing them with their favourite TV character to keep them company all night? Our homeware range includes Peppa Pig duvet sets, cushions and throws. Dreamy.

Summer fun

Summer is on the horizon and that means, like their Piggy heroine, our kids are going to want to be splashing about in pools and puddles all summer. Our range of swimwear includes Peppa Pig surf suits, sun hats, swimming costumes and even hooded towel ponchos. You can’t stop ‘em getting wet but you can help them to dry off again after all.

Guilty PJs

Peppa Pig is just for kids, right? Wrong! If you secretly love Peppa almost as much as you love twinning with your little one then we think you’re going to be very pleased when we tell you about these adorable Peppa Pig pjs that come in little piggy size as well as in mum’s and grandma’s versions. Cute!

Budding artists welcome

If you have a little budding artist in the family, then indulge their creative side with this Peppa Pig artist’s pad. With 40 different pages to colour in as well as chunky crayons and stickers, this is sure to be tons of fun.