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Summer Safety Tips

During the summer holidays lots of parents have concerns about their kids’ safety when they take advantage of the summer days and play outside without you. Here are some top tips from our charity partner, the NSPCC.

Be Prepared
You know that one day the moment will come when your child will want to spread their wings so it makes sense for you both to start preparing for it.

Talk About The Dangers In Advance
Whenever you're out with your child talk about how they think they can keep themselves safe. For example, you could ask them about how they know when it's safe to cross a road or what to do if a stranger starts talking to them.

Set Some Rules
Let your child know where they can and can't go and explain why you're setting these rules. You should also tell them a definite time to come home.

Build Your Child’s Confidence
It's probably a good idea to have a test run before you let them go out on their own for the very first time. Let them lead the way and only step in if they're putting themselves in danger.

Keep Talking
Even after they start going out on their own, keep discussing safety outside the home with them and remind them of the dangers. It's tempting to just leave them to it but you should still show you're interested in who they're spending their time with and what they're doing. If you do notice anything that doesn't seem quite right – like them being secretive you should definitely look into the reasons why.

Make Sure You’re Ready Too
Don't be surprised if your child tries to persuade you that they'll be fine to go out alone or with an older sibling or friend – but don't be pressurised either. You need to be sure that they'd know what to do if there was no one there to help them.

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