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Christmas at Home

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Sequin Border Cushion (46cm x 46cm)
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Get Christmas ready

The nights are darker, there’s a chill in the air, but wait, there’s also a little bit of magic in the air too. That’s right, Christmas time has finally arrived. A truly wonderful time for everyone, our Christmas at home collection has been curated to ensure you and your home are 100% ready for the most wonderful time of the year.

Make it cosy

This time of year is all about being warm and cosy, especially when you’re at home. Within the items on offer, you’ll find Christmas-themed ones to add Xmas cheer while making you as comfortable as possible. From cushions and throws to fabulous bedding sets for adults and children, it couldn’t be easier when it comes to getting a comfy house this year.

Brighten it up

Adding a little shine to your home is a necessity at this time of year. From lights to wrap around the Christmas tree (we’ve got a wealth of these, too), to fairy lights to brighten up windows and stairs, your home will be glowing in no time. Oh, and we also have outdoors lights to truly transform your house this Christmas time.

Stock up on supplies

While doing up the house with decorations and cosy touches is important, you’ll need to ensure you have all those handy supplies stocked up, too. Making sure you have everything you need to wrap those presents to perfection, you’ll find gift tags, wrapping paper, bags and boxes to fit all your needs.

Kitchen ready

This is one area that needs to be more than ready. With our collection, you’ll be extra confident when the 25th rolls around, as we have everything from those cookware essentials to keep your turkey moist and tasty, to table favourites like Champagne flutes and themed plates.

Have a little me time

Don’t forget to relax this Christmas. Getting too stressed could result in you not enjoying it. That’s why we have a selection of candles and diffusers to help fill your room with relaxing scents, so you can unwind and enjoy the holidays to their fullest.

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