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Black Elemental Coaster (10cm)

Xmas cheer for less

Christmas is an expensive month, in fact, it can be an expensive two months as most people start their Christmas shopping in early November. From buying presents for the whole family to going out for food and drinks, it all adds up. That’s why it’s important to try and save wherever you can, and with our Christmas sale collection, you’ll discover all those fabulous homeware pieces for a fraction of the price.

Deck your halls

Transforming your home seasonally isn’t something you’d usually do. But Christmas is the exception. From the living room to the kitchen and everywhere in-between, we’ve got items here for every room, helping you to turn your home into a winter wonderland without breaking the bank.


With so many spaces throughout the home, you’ve probably filled them with a variety of little trinkets. But, when it comes to Xmas, you may want to put a few of these away to make space for some festive items. Throughout the collection, you’ll find plenty of little delights from decorative reindeer to cute signs to choose from.

Lounge around

Keeping comfy is essential at this time of year. Helping you to unwind after a long week, you’ll find an array of wonderful cushions, blankets and throws for less, all set out to make you feel your best.

Don’t forget the tree

While you’ll have a tree, you’ll want to make it look amazing. Throughout this collection of Christmas sale items, you’ll discover everything you could need to dress your tree, helping it to become the star of the home throughout December. You’ll even find outdoor lights here, which can be used to dress any tress or plant life you have outside, transforming your whole home, both inside and out.

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