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Bangladesh Update

School of Hope

Matalan is working with Hope Worldwide Bangladesh and PDS Group to provide opportunities and a brighter future to children in Bangladesh with the School of Hope. Through the programme, which aims to educate, empower and inspire children in Bangladesh, Matalan is helping them to build a better future for them and their families.

Rana Plaza Statement

Matalan had a short trial period with the Rana Plaza factory but decided not to use the premises. We stopped working there several weeks before the tragedy occurred in 2013.

As soon as we heard about the Rana Plaza incident, we put in motion a number of plans to help those families involved and enhance their long-term financial security.

We worked in partnership with BRAC to provide a number of measures to financially support the families involved in the Rana Plaza incident.

We provided medical insurance cover, as we wanted to help to prevent families from going into further debt and to ensure that the cost of any medical care will be taken care of for the five years following the tragedy. Also in partnership with BRAC, we contributed to a Monthly Reserve Fund to provide a regular income for the living needs of families. .

In the two years since the tragedy, we have continued to drive forward our corporate social responsibility programme, investing in initiatives at home and abroad to improve how we work and the experience of those who work with us.

Part of this was opening the School of Hope in Bangladesh, which we’ve done with some of our partners, Hope Worldwide Bangladesh and PDS Group. The school aims to educate, empower and inspire children and young adults in Dhaka, Bangladesh, helping them to build a better future for them and their families.

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