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The Princes Trust
The Princes Trust
Through research by The Prince’s Trust, it’s been recognised that many young women struggle with low self-confidence, mental health and have growing concerns about the cost-of-living and their financial stability.

So, The Prince’s Trust have created the #ChangeAGirlsLife campaign! Raising funds to help thousands of young women build a better and brighter future, the campaign will help women overcome the challenges they’re facing, and change their lives and future for the better through education, training, employment and confidence-building.

At Matalan, we’re really proud to have partnered with The Prince’s Trust and show our support to this important campaign. The funds we raise together will help to bring hope and opportunity to young women who have lost confidence in their future, building them up to begin again with a fresh start and plans for greater success.

The Princes Trust
Young Women, Big Passions
The Prince’s Trust #ChangeAGirlsLife campaign has already helped lots of young women find a career. From building on existing skills to trying something brand new, together they have helped women create a bright future they can not only be confident in, but proud of too. Let’s meet some of them!

Loretta Hope

Loretta is a self-employed multidisciplinary artist, trading under the name Loretta Hope. Her business is proudly supported by The Prince’s Trust. Loretta works with a myriad of creative disciplines, including acting, modelling, puppetry, circus arts and VoiceOver.

Emily Joeres

Emily is now following her passion and working as Creative Assistant at a crystal and meditation business, which opened in 2016 with support from The Prince’s Trust.

Francesca Brown

Francesca uses her unique lived experience and footballing background to elevate girls and young women from marginalised communities. She is the founder and CEO of Goals4Girls, a football development programme for young girls aged 11 to 16, which she started with support from The Trust’s Enterprise programme.