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Good Business


Make the right decisions

Governance is about the way we run our business, the principles we follow and the decisions we make. We know we can’t be successful if we’re not working day in and day out to be more sustainable.

Accountable Leaders

The way we run our business, make decisions and track our progress must have sustainability at its core. This is how we’ll drive change on key issues relating to our planet and the people in our communities.

To keep us on track, we’ve made changes to keep accountability for ESG at the very top of our agenda. Responsibility for our Environment, Social and Governance programme sits with our Chief Supply Chain Operations Officer, Phil Hackney. This role reports directly to our board and provides regular updates on progress against our goals.

Measuring And Reporting On Good Business

Being transparent is a great way to drive change, as it highlights where we’re doing well, and where we can do more. We’re improving the data we hold on environmental and social issues, and sharing it when it’s available.


Get in touch with our team with any comments about our work. We’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas.