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Women's Holiday Accessories

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Women’s holiday accessories

Summertime accessories

The sun is shining, there’s no work for you to do and you have a whole day of chilling out by the pool, absolute bliss. But for now at least, you’re stuck on your laptop dreaming of sunnier climes. Your holiday isn’t for a while yet so why not let the excitement build by stocking up on the perfect holiday accessories.

Bag a bargain

What does ‘the perfect beach bag’ mean to you? Big enough to fit your towel, your crime thriller and your sunnies in? Or stylish enough that you can carry it to the beach AND then out to dinner? Thankfully, our beach bag range meets both criteria every time.


Stylish stripes

The classic nautical stripe manages to look fresh and stylish year in, year out. From the 60s (when iconic first ladies rocked them at presidential functions) to the 90s (when supermodels wore them to all the best parties) to right now when you’ll be killing it on the beach! Check out our range of stylish striped beach bags to be the first lady of fashion, beachside.


Finest Fedora

Sick of trawling through the holiday shops trying to find the perfect straw fedora to rock by the pool? Well, plan ahead and take a look at our offering before you go. This classic, natural straw design has a bit of added sequin bling to ensure it looks just as good when you’re chilling by the poolside bar in the evening as it does when you’re bagging your sun lounger first thing in the morning.


“Hand me my sunnies, darling!”

Sometimes, we take humble sunglasses for granted. Not only are they perfect for protecting your eyes from the sun, they’re also a gift from the gods when it comes to hiding a multitude of sins (if you’ve been making a bit too much of the free bar). Take a look at our selection of frames and look freshly sun-kissed no matter how late you went to bed the night before.

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