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Off To Uni

Uni Essentials

Are they heading off to university in September? Discover our fresher faves, student room steals and great value staples to make your first semester one to remember.

For Those Lazy Lie-Ins

Make their bed even more difficult to leave with plush bedding and dreamy duvets for a good night’s sleep after late nights. Sleep off the stress in a bedroom they’ll be proud of – especially for freshers, their room becomes their new home!

For Freshening Up

Keep them squeaky clean and their bathroom organised with handy accessories and storage to make morning routines oh so easy and fuss-free. From bathroom bins and laundry baskets to mirrors and soap dispensers, we’ve got everything they need at purse-friendly prices.

For Knuckling Down

From meeting deadlines to studying hard for exams, kit out their room with everything they need to knuckle down. Look to stylish desks and chairs to match for a smart place they’ll work hard at everyday.

For Staying Organised

Don’t let mess get the best of them with stylish storage available in a range of colours and sizes at budget-friendly prices. From keeping their room neat and tidy to organising their laundry in style, make the most of their space with savvy storage.