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Pedestal Mats

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Quick Dry Bath & Pedestal Mat
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Quick Dry Bath & Pedestal Mat
View More Colours Available

Practical AND cosy

Bathrooms, they’re so practical. Planned so that any shower drips can simply be mopped away, it’s a design perfect for the wettest room in the house. Unless, of course, it’s freezing cold outside and you’re kind of regretting your choice of stylish slate tiles. You could get bathroom carpets fitted for a bit of added warmth and cosiness or you could simply invest in a plush bath mat with matching pedestal. Practical and cosy.

Unleash your interior design

If you’ve ever contemplated getting an interior designer in, googled their prices and realised you could almost buy another house for that price, then why not learn to do it yourself? It just takes a bit of an eye for colour and a few simple rules: when you’re working with a bathroom with coloured tiles or wall, all you do is choose a complementary colour for bath and pedestal mat. We have matching towels, too. And, if your bathroom is white, you have free reign. Simple. We know you have it in you.

Microloop madness

Take a look at our glorious microloop mats which are ultra absorbent as well as super warm and comfy on your tootsies. They look great, too.

Affordable style

If we had endless supplies of cash, we’d probably renovate the whole house once a year but alas that’s probably not realistic. One thing you can do though, is buy a new pedestal and bath mat with matching towel set to give your bathroom a colourful revamp. Add a few of our realistic-looking artificial plants and you’ll feel as if you’ve had the decorators in!

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