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Hand Towels

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Refresh your bathroom essentials with Matalan's range of hand towels. Ideal for everyday use, our small towels are perfect for drying hands or as a face cloth after a refreshing cleanse. Each towel is made from high-quality materials that are soft on the skin and highly absorbent. Whether you're washing your face or drying your hands, our hand towels add a touch of luxury to your bathroom routine. Discover our full range of hand towels and wash cloths online today at Matalan.

50 items


Don’t underestimate the hand towel

We all love wrapping up in a huge, fluffy towel after a shower, but when it comes to the most useful towel in the house, we think the humble hand towel actually tops the list. Our hand towel range, part of the extensive Matalan bathroom collection, should not be underestimated is basically what we’re saying.

Keep picky relatives happy with their own fresh hand towels

You’ve got the in-laws coming over to see the new place and they seem to have a pesky habit of spotting all the unfinished jobs around your home. Make sure your bathroom isn’t one of those things by picking up a luxuriously soft and fluffy Egyptian cotton towel in a colour that goes just right.

Bathroom jazz

If your bathroom has had the same tired décor for years but you’re not quite at the stage where you’re willing to spend a fortune on getting the decorators in, then a new set of colourful towels might just give it the new lease of life it needs (at a fraction of the cost of home renovations). Our hand towels come in a wide array of colours, perfect for jazzing up your lav.

Dirty dogs

If Fido and Rex have a habit of finding the one muddy puddle in an otherwise dry park, then it might be about time you got their very own towels. Perfect for leaving in the car after park walks or popping in the cupboard for use after their frequent baths, our pet towel measures 120 x 70 cm and has a bone and ball print to make sure the kids don’t use it to dry their faces on! Check out the rest of our pet range while you’re at it.