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Bedroom accessories and storage


Cosy, comfy, chic 

They say the kitchen is the heart of the home, but we believe the bedroom gives it a run for its money! Cosy throws, comfy cushions and stylish bedding make sure the bedroom is our favourite place to retreat and relax. Check out our selection of bedroom accessories and storage solutions to make your bedroom as cosy as can be.


Stylish storage

It seems that no matter how many times we insist that we won’t buy anymore clothes this month, the number of items in our wardrobe grows anyway. If your drawers are at bursting point, check out some of our handy storage solutions. From three drawer storage towers to under-bed storage boxes, we’ve got your storage needs sorted.


Hanging angels

Whatever the season, a wardrobe spring clean is always a good idea. We’ve got a selection of useful hangers from sturdy wooden hangers (great for coats and heavier items) to velour numbers (perfect for protecting your favourite silk wrap dress) to make sure your wardrobe is always spic and span.


Cushions and pillows and throws oh my!

Do you like crisp, clean lines on your bed or are you the type that has to remove a dozen cushions every night before you go to sleep? From the minimalist to the two-toned sequin types, we’re pretty sure we’ve got everything you need to make your bedroom perfectly you.


Bedtime bliss

Your little one’s bedtime becomes so much easier when they adore their bedroom. Make their room their own sanctuary with our wide range of cushions, rugs, lights and throws. From 3D PJ Masks cushions, to pretty-as-a-picture rugs and unicorn-shaped night lights, our children’s bedroom accessories and storage solutions are sure to make their bedroom the only place they want to be when the sun sets.

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