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Bedroom Storage

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Say hello to clutter-free bliss with our Bedroom Storage solutions! At Matalan, we believe that tidying up can be as joyful as it is practical. Dive into our collection of storage wonders designed to transform your bedroom into an organised haven. From charming bedside organisers to versatile under bed storage boxes and baskets, we've got your clutter covered! Discover smart, stylish solutions that not only declutter but also help make the most of your space. Discover how to organise your wardrobe with wardrobe and drawer organisers, hangers and more. Shop the complete range of bedroom storage to revamp your room today.

12 items

Stylish bedroom storage

It seems that no matter how many times we insist that we won’t buy anymore clothes this month, the number of items in our wardrobe grows anyway. If your drawers are at bursting point, check out some of our handy storage solutions. From three drawer storage towers to under-bed storage boxes, we’ve got your storage needs sorted.

Handy hangers

Whatever the season, a wardrobe spring clean is always a good idea. We’ve got a selection of useful and stylish hangers from sturdy wooden hangers (great for coats and heavier items) to velour numbers (perfect for protecting your favourite silk wrap dress and being non-slip) to make sure your wardrobe is always spic and span. They're also great if you've opted for a clothing rail instead of a wardrobe as uniform hangers will look better than all odd ones!

Under bed storage solutions

Not everyone has tonnes of room for furniture or on-display storage solutions. If room, or lack-there-of, is a pain-point in your home and need some clever storage solution options that will keep your floor space clear then under bed storage drawers are a great option. They allow you to take advantage of otherwise useless space and offer you a place to store bedding, seasonal clothing items, shoes and more!

Ottomans & Pouffes

Do you love it when pieces in your home have more than one use? Then an ottoman or pouffe could be the solution for your bedroom storage needs. Ottomans at the end of your bed are such a luxury and they also offer tonnes of storage. If you have a dressing table and need a chair. Perhaps your need somewhere to store your makeup or hair tools? A pouffe could work perfectly here. Simply lift the top and you could keep all sorts of toiletries or beauty tools in here!