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A dazzling Christmas tree is the pivotal piece for festive decorating but creating a show stopping tree doesn’t have to cost the earth! A few simple tips and tricks can create a purse-friendly masterpiece that is sure to give your tree the wow factor this festive season.

1) Choose a tree that looks partially decorated as your base

Frosted trees or trees with pinecones or berries on are fantastic for creating a full look on a budget as they provide a base that doesn’t require quite as many decorations to fill the gaps. You could even use snow spray on your tree to add more texture and achieve a snow tipped look. Opting for an unlit tree is a budget friendly option and whilst adding a pack of fairy lights may require more effort, it often isn’t very expensive.

2) Add lots of twinkly lights

String lots of fairy lights on the tree in a zig zag pattern, going from top to bottom to accomplish an even coverage. This tree has used 500 warm white lights. If your tree will be placed in a corner then concentrate your lights on the visible sections to make the most of the set of lights instead of putting them along the back where they won’t be seen.

3) Choose a colour theme

Decide what colours you’d like on your tree and stock up on decorations in those colours to tie the look together. This tree focused on silver, gold and blush pinks to create a glamorous frosty look. There is no wrong combination with this, it all depends on the look you are trying to achieve.

4) Cover the tree stand with a tree skirt or basket

An easy way to make your Christmas tree look more expensive is to cover the unsightly tree stand with a pretty tree skirt or wicker tree basket.

5) Invest in some larger baubles

Choose 15-24 large statement baubles, depending on your tree size, that will take up the majority of space on your tree. Buying baubles in groups of three works well as it means that they can be spread out equally around the tree, with one near the top, one in the middle and one near the bottom section of the tree. Hang the baubles spread out on the tree ensuring that the same bauble types aren’t directly next to each other. You can add a few new special pieces to your collection each year to spread the cost.

6) Fill the gaps with multipack baubles

Use multipack baubles to inexpensively fill any empty areas left on the tree. Ensure that these are also spread out on the tree so that the same bauble types aren’t next to each other. Add depth to the tree by placing baubles deeper inside the tree as well as on the ends of the branches.

7) Add sparkly touches to fill any final gaps

Sparkly Christmas decorations are great as they catch the light from the fairy lights and twinkle. Add multipack hanging diamonds or snowflakes to fill up any final gaps in the tree. Every inch of the tree doesn’t need to be covered but keep checking your bauble placement from a distance to spot any areas that need an extra decoration or two!

8) Finish it off with a large topper

No tree is complete without a crowning tree topper. Choose a topper that is large and adds height to the tree to make it appear taller. Other options to decorate a tree on a budget:
• Use ribbon, garland or tinsel strung around diagonally or in loops to take up lots of space on the tree – the wider the ribbon the better!
• Add candy canes as edible tree decorations that can then be given out as treats.
• Pick up pine cones while you’re out and about, spray them a colour to match your theme and use them as additional decorations.

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