Christmas Eve Box Ideas

‘Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house all the kids were excited and rustling through their Christmas Eve boxes…

Christmas Eve boxes are kind of a big deal and if you’re keen to get in on the action and pick up some great tips along the way just keep reading. The kids will love the little gifts and pyjamas before the big day and you’ll love our selection of gifts for under £10. They really are something the whole family can get involved in. Come on, let’s get festive! 

choose your box

You can base the kind of box you want on personality or favourite Christmas characters; it really is up to you. We don’t leave out the big kids either, we’ve got designs for everyone and with our 3 for 2 offer on Christmas Eve boxes are great for a big family.

Feeling crafty? Why not make and design your own boxes for a more personal feel? Use an old shoe box as a starting point to get creative.

shop christmas eve boxes

the perfect pair of pyjamas

Festive pjs are a great place to start for a Christmas Eve box. With all the excitement of Christmas Eve, after a bath the little ones can get cosy in their new sets of pyjamas, why not treat them to a hot chocolate too and watch a Christmas film. On Christmas day the whole family can sit under the tree opening presents in cute new pjs. From onesies and matchy-matchy styles, the whole family in pyjamas really is a festive photo opportunity.

slippers & socks

Top off new pyjamas with some toasty toes - our collection of slippers go from traditional to over the top festive. Put them in a Christmas Eve box as the perfect cuddly surprise.


Kid, toys and Christmas belong together. If you want to give them an extra treat in their Christmas Eve box add a cuddly friend. We have an amazing collection of cuddly toys that younger kids will adore and with prices from £4 Everyone’s happy.  

a note to father christmas

If they’ve been good, a note to Father Christmas is the perfect way to add even more magic into the season. We have alphabet notebooks, which are a sweet touch for when the kids are writing their letters, they could even get artistic and draw a picture if they fancy it.  

treats for father christmas & rudolph

Now who would forget about Rudolph and friends? Add one of our Christmas treat sets to the kids’ Christmas Eve boxes and encourage Father Christmas to make a pit stop – prepare for overexcited little ones!

a cosy blanket

A cosy blanket covered in festive patterns fits in perfectly as a Christmas Eve box gift. Snuggle on the sofa from £5 with our latest collection.

Sweet Treats

A novelty mug of Father Christmas is just what you’re after leading up to Christmas. It’s a fun gift in a Christmas Eve box and gives you the excuse to make a delicious hot chocolate (with marshmallows please), not that you needed one. For little ones, why not treat them to a milk bottle with sweet chocolate milk.  


Surprise them with their favourite festive film in their Christmas Eve box as an added treat. Once all the excitement of opening their box is over, pop on the film and enjoy some family chill time before the big day.

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