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Ochre Curtains

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Time for a refresh? Update your home with ochre curtains from this range. Perfect for adding a pop of colour to your space, our ochre curtains are available in plain and printed styles with something to suit all interiors. From vibrant mustard curtains to shimmering gold designs, decorate your windows today with high-quality, long-wearing curtains in every shade of yellow. Choose from pencil pleat and eyelet designs as well as a range of sizes to meet your requirements. And for ultimate comfort while you sleep, browse our handy blackout curtains complete with thermal lining to trap heat and block out light.

19 items


Picking a sunny shade

Bring an on-trend shade into your home when you pick a pair of ochre curtains from the Matalan collection. Our beautiful yellow, mustard, and gold curtains create sunshine in your home all year round, and there are plenty of styles to choose from right here! Choose a subtle design or statement yellow curtains to suit your style. From block mustard to soft checks and playful prints, there’s an ochre curtain to suit everyone.


Subtle yellow curtains

Suppose you aren’t ready for a bright mustard curtain. If you love the colour but prefer a minimal home, choose a subtle print with hints of yellow to enjoy a pop of colour in any room. Whether you hang white or grey and yellow curtains in the kitchen, living room, or bedroom, introducing a little brightness into your space is a great way to add personality.


Making a statement

For an eye-catching interior, block mustard, yellow, or gold curtains never fail to impress. Why not choose pencil-pleat curtains in a standout shade? Then, add mustard-yellow cushions, blankets, and ornaments to bring the room together. Picking a bold colour helps create warmth, draws attention to your windows, and creates a feature of the view outside – a perfect way to make your house a home.


Blackout for a great night’s sleep

Nobody wants to be disturbed during the night. Choosing blackout curtains is an easy way to make sure no light gets inside. Whether your window is near a streetlight or the sun rises before you do, blackout curtains stop any brightness from getting in. And they can be as stylish as they are functional; ochre blackout curtains add personality to your bedroom and help you sleep better. Win-win!


Matching accessories

When you’ve chosen your ochre curtains, don’t forget to grab some matching tiebacks to keep things neat. Curtain tiebacks are made from the same material as your curtains, creating a seamless look when you secure them in place. Place them around a third of the way up the curtain for a stylish, functional addition.