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Checked & Stripes Curtains

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Make a statement in your home by introducing checked or striped curtains into your space. Whether you're drawn to the tartan curtains and a classic checked pattern, or want a more modern style with bold, vertical stripes curtains, these checked and striped curtains will make all the difference in any room. If you're in a rental that won't allow you to add colour to the walls or change the permanent features of space - adding bold home furnishings will allow you to make a statement that will fit your personal taste. You can easily customise the color to fit your taste and existing decor too!

11 items

Are patterned curtains a good idea?

Of course patterned curtains are a good idea! For one thing, when styled properly, they can stop your interiors being too bland. But, although they add impact and warmth to a space, checked and striped curtains can clash with other furnishings if you’re not careful.

Ideally, you should stick to a design scheme when picking out your curtains. Whether the room in question is contemporary or traditional, boho chic or more minimalistic, make sure the curtains you select add to the style rather than taking away from it.

How do I choose curtain patterns?

Colour and the room’s atmosphere are key when it comes to choosing curtain patterns. As an example, quirky contemporary rooms would be better suited to brightly coloured stripes, a modern space would benefit from stripes in a more neutral palette, and traditional rooms often look great with a colour-coordinated check.

In short, it’s all about finding a pattern that will elevate the look and feel of your interiors. With our on-trend range of checked and stripe curtains, Matalan will help you finish off your bedroom, lounge or other living space in a style that really makes the space sing.

What should curtains match?

Wondering what in your space your curtains should match? Well, it depends on the room. Match a checked pattern to the colour of the home accessories in a grand living room, a muted stripe to light walls, or introduce bold, standout stripes for added quirky style.

Matching your curtains with something else in a space is the best way to ensure the rooms stays stylish and cohesive. That’s why curtains are so important – and they become even more so when you have large windows, or a lot of windows lining the walls!  

What goes with striped curtains?

While it’s safest to coordinate your striped curtains with some of the tones in your living space, it’s also possible to mix and match patterns for a bolder, more eye-catching effect. Think cushions or furniture adorned with florals, geometrics, and other stripes in complementary shades.

As well as a stylish selection of patterned curtains, you can also find a huge variety of home accessories in a range of designs and colours, right here on the Matalan website! Ideal for DIY home decorators with a creative eye, there are plenty of cushions, throws, lamps and other furnishings that you can mix and match with your checked or striped curtains.

How to style check curtains?

Ideal for traditional interiors and more rustic spaces too, check curtains are a timeless classic that will add interest to rooms with solid colour schemes, or bring depth to more richly coloured spaces. Whatever the style, though, they always add a feeling of warmth to the atmosphere.

If you’re a check fanatic, why stop at the curtains? Elsewhere on the Matalan website, you’ll find additional matching accessories for every room, including cosy check blankets, snuggly check duvet covers, and classic check tea towels.