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Mugs & Tea Cups

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Enjoy your favourite beverage in style with our huge variety of mugs and tea cups at Matalan. Whether you’re looking for tea mugs, coffee mugs or something else entirely, our collection is perfect for everyday use at home. Too many mugs to keep track of? Our Scandi-style mug stack is just what you need to keep your drinkware neatly organised. Or if you’re looking for that extra special gift, our slogan mugs are sure to be a big hit with family and friends. Update your kitchen cupboards today with stylish glass mug and saucer sets, initial mugs and more. 

26 items

Whatever your cup (or mug!) of tea

Picture the scene: It’s a crisp, bright early morning and you have the whole day to spend at leisure. You’re sitting on your sofa as the sun shines through the window and you’re about to re-read your favourite book. Your charming other half comes into the room with a cuppa (just the way you like it) and some chocolate biscuits. Only they’ve served your brew in your absolute least favourite mug – nightmare! Make a big deal of perusing the tea cups in our homeware collection and ensure your dream morning is never ruined again.

Stay hydrated

Are you drinking enough water? Probably not, let’s face it, who is? Make drinking your eight glasses a day a whole lot easier with one of our reusable water bottles. Made from sturdy plastic and suitable to be used again and again, these are the perfect choice if you worry about your plastic consumption. We have kids’ versions available, too.

His and hers mugs

Looking for a housewarming present for a couple who’ve just moved? Our stylish his and hers mugs (or hers and hers, or his and his) are perfect for warding off any mug-related domestics before they begin!

Space-saving mugs

Maybe you’ve already got all the mugs you need (or there are a load of mugs sitting in your basket waiting to be paid for) and now you’re wondering if you have the cupboard space for them. Our stylish mug tree has space for six mugs and will look gorgeous on your worktops.

Barking mad brews

Are you a dog or a cat lover? Whichever you are, we got you covered with our pawsome animal mugs. Dishwasher and microwave friendly, these round mugs are perfect for your morning brew. There are even unicorn mugs if you’re so inclined.