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Bathroom Furniture

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Longing to update your space? Browse essential bathroom furniture from our range and you’ll be one step closer to your dream home. Built with the added style-factor, our bathroom furniture and cabinet selection is comprised of plenty of sleek storage solutions, meaning less hassle when it comes to tidying up! Discover all kinds of functional bathroom units including mirrored cabinets, under sink cabinets and shelf units ‒ all designed with high quality in mind. Whatever bathroom setup you’re after, bring your ideas to life with bathroom furniture and units at Matalan ‒ shop below to get started. 

18 items


Storage Solutions

Transform your bathroom into a haven of style and functionality with our range of bathroom furniture. Whether you have a small bathroom craving clever space-saving solutions or a spacious oasis in need of storage and stylish additions, we have the perfect bathroom furniture for you.

Pop it in the cabinet!

Bathroom cabinets are your trusty bathroom buddies! Mirrored cabinets not only reflect your fabulous self but also hide your stuff. Wooden cabinets add warmth and style. They're like your personal storage magicians, keeping your bathroom clutter-free and fabulous!

Under Sink Units

Revamp your bathroom with our sink units! Available in a variety of finishes from wood to metal, these sink units don't just add style – they bring a dash of personality to your bathroom. Whether you've got a downstairs loo or a luscious en-suite, our sink units with under-sink storage are your ideal for any space. Say goodbye to bathroom clutter and hello to a tidier space.

Bathroom Caddies

Bathroom caddies are the ultimate toiletries storage solution, keeping your essentials within easy reach. These nifty organizers are perfect for neatly stowing cleaning products and other necessities. Say goodbye to bathroom clutter and hello to your new caddy today, be more organised with the help of these handy companions!