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As we all spend more time than ever before at home, we enlisted interiors expert Katie Woods, aka @comedowntothewoods, to give us some easy, home refresh ideas we can all try this weekend that won’t cost a penny!

It's amazing how much fun you can have shopping your own home. It's free, it's sustainable and it will make you really take stock of all of the lovely things that you already have. I can guarantee that you’ll uncover forgotten treasures that you'll want to use or display differently.

Swap your artwork around, change up your statement chairs or just borrow an item from another room for a while. It all makes a difference. Look in places you might not think of straight away, search the kitchen for plates or platters that you might want to put out on display. And don't forget to have a good old root around in the back of cupboards and dressers.

Lastly, repurposing furniture is a great way to change things up. A stepladder could become a plant stand or a side table can become your new nightstand.

If your family is anything like mine, you’ll have spent a lot of time crafting over the past few weeks. Most of it has been done under the guise of 'homeschooling'. In our house there have been art classes (colouring in), design and technology (Lego) and home economics (copious amounts of fairy cakes). Historically, I've always been a stealth swiper and have made their creations disappear almost as quickly as they appeared. But this is their time too, they’re in the house just as much as we are and their achievements should be celebrated. Maybe lockdown has brought out a more sentimental side in me but seeing offerings from the little ones around the house is a real cockle warmer.

Now I’m a huge fan of this at any time of the year but right now, it's more important than ever to connect ourselves with nature. Surrounding ourselves with plants improves air quality, reduces pollutants and has also been shown to decrease stress. This is so vital in these unsettling times. If you're lucky enough to have a garden then bring things inside like greenery or flowers, either will bring us closer to the outside. Also think about light within your home, especially if you have no access to outside space. Make sure your windows are uncovered to let as much light in as possible and think about rearranging the furniture and move some seating to the areas with the most natural light.

I'm not going to lie, decluttering and organising just isn't in my DNA. It's never been something that I find either easy or enjoyable. I know I know, I'm really selling it right? Despite struggling with the actual process of it, the results are completely transformative. The mental space that it brings is amazing. Decluttering isn't just about sorting your drawers out. Have a good look around your home and declutter the spaces you can see. Look at your shelves and surfaces and take away the pieces that don't bring you joy. This could be cushions, ornaments or artwork. You'll be surprised how many things you'll find that have been around for a while but you've just stopped noticing. Give the pieces that you do love space to shine, sometimes taking things out is as important as putting things in.

There has never been a better time to plan. We may have a bit more time on our hands but getting hold of those essentials is incredibly tricky. I’m spending this time planning the things that I'm going to do once normality resumes. I'm a lover of a moodboard, it’s a way to consolidate all of your ideas and test out whether a scheme will come together. This can be done with samples and textures on a physical board or images on a digital platform. I'm a big fan of Morpholio moodboards and I created one for most rooms in my house whilst we were renovating. Here's an example of one of the moodboards I created, along with a look at how the room eventually turned out.