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Clothes Hangers

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Keep your wardrobe neatly organised with our range of clothes hangers at Matalan. Browse handy 8-pack coat hangers in a variety of colours to complement your wardrobe interior. Channel a classic look with white and black designs, add a pop of colour with stylish blues and pinks or opt for sleek wooden hangers for a rustic edge. Choose wooden clip hangers for skirts and trousers or velour hangers to keep clothes in place. Like this collection? Shop the rest of our bedroom accessories and storage solutions for even more essentials for the home.


<h2><b>An organiser’s dream</b></h2> <p>Affordable yet great quality, our clothes hangers keep your closet in fantastic order. From the latest velour styles to classic plastic and even children’s versions, we’ve heaps of options for laundry day. The washing needn’t be a nightmare when you can look at your wardrobe and see total uniformity. </p> <h2><b>Go classic</b></h2> <p>Give a nod to Scandi style in the most unlikely place: your choice of coat hanger! Our clothes hangers include both clip and traditional styles, ideal for arranging <a target="_blank" href="">tops, skirts, trousers and more</a>. Available in four and three-pack options, they mock the look of ash wood without the hefty price tag. Stock up today – and explore our other <a target="_blank" href="">laundry lifesavers</a> while you’re at it. </p> <h2><b>Get durability <i><u>and</u></i> affordability</b></h2> <p>There’s a reason billions of plastic clothes hangers are sold every year: because they’re practical, durable and inexpensive. We offer some fantastic low-cost eight pack styles, measuring 37 centimetres by 21 centimetres, and 42 centimetres by 21 centimetres. </p> <h2><b>Clothes hangers for little clothes</b></h2> <p>Did you ever think you’d describe a coat hanger as ‘adorable’? You will. Our kids’ versions are small and brightly coloured, with blue and ombre pink-purple styles to pep up their wardrobes. Plus, they’re crafted with indented sections for strappy items, making them super handy whatever the garment. </p> <h2><b>Hang your clothes in style</b></h2> <p>Exposed clothing rails need a slick aesthetic – and we’re not just talking about the clothes. You can create a cool look with our latest metal and PVC-coated hangers. Perfect for tops, skirts and trousers, our cheap and cheerful four-packs represent industrial style at an absolute steal. </p> <h2><b>More velour</b></h2> <p>If there’s one thing we love, it’s velour – whether we’re wearing it, or our hangers are! That’s why we’ve designed a <a target="_blank"></a>black velour hangers set, keeping clothes secure and stylish. The great thing about velour is its non-slip functionality, ensuring even the silkiest of <a target="_blank" href="">dresses</a> stay put. &nbsp;</p><a href="#read-more" class="u-font-underline u-font-upper js-expandable-content-cta" data-read-more="Read More" data-read-less="Read Less">Read More</a>