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Ceiling Lighting Types

Essential for any home, ceiling lights usually are centred in the room to spread the light around the room evenly. It is important to have the correct types of lighting in a room as they create atmosphere and set the mood of the room.

Ceiling lights are available in a range of styles and the recommended type usually depends on the room, ceiling height and type of atmosphere you are trying to create.

From low hanging stylised pendants and staggered suspension cluster lights to grand chandeliers and striking flush lights, we’ve got dazzling designs to suit all tastes as well as budgets.

The most common types of ceiling light are:

1)    Pendant Lights

Pendant lights are typically a single drop light containing a single shade which is centred within the room setting. The length of the drop can typically be changed to align with preference or ceiling height. Types of pendant lights include: Cluster, Drum, Globe, Bowl and Exposed Bulb.

2)    Cluster Lights

Cluster lights are by definition a type of pendant light, however, due to their rise in popularity and within modern style they are typically seen as a ceiling lighting type in their own right. Cluster lights are a collection of pendant lights which are clustered together and with a mixture of drop lengths to form a different look. The different drop lengths of a cluster light typically add depth and give the appearance of a higher ceiling.

3)    Chandeliers

Those wanting to transform their bedroom into that of a five-star boutique hotel can do so with the introduction of plush chandeliers. Arguably the most glamorous form of ceiling lights, our prestigious range of chandeliers comprise multi arm candlestick style bulbs with cascading crystal droplets, alongside delicate beading to ensure a lavish finish.

4)    Flush Lights

Ideal for rooms where space overhead is limited, flush lights sits within the ceiling without being too obtrusive. In addition to casting bright beams of lights through multi stem fixtures, cascading glass and acrylic designs ensure a warm and welcoming ambient glow perfect for softening hallways and landings. With warm and cool colour palates in mind, predominant accents include rose gold, copper, gold, chrome and white.

Lighting Trends

Trends surrounding this lighting type include Modern Glamour, Nordic, Concrete and Rose Gold and Modern Country. Transform your living space with a flick of a switch and prepare to be dazzled with our marvellous medley of small, medium and large ceiling lights.

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