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Patterned Rugs

197 items

Fan of your funky rugs? Well, you’re in luck - we offer them in abundance here at Matalan. A patterned rug can really tie a room together, so treat yourself to a patterned grey rug, a cream patterned rug, or a green patterned rug to bring an extra dose of personality to your home. A large patterned rug from our collection is sure to catch your eye, perfect for filling up any awkward areas of your living space. And, for those of you who love a colourful style, we also offer a pink patterned rug and a blue pattern rug to keep this page as diverse as possible. With so much to choose from, how can you go wrong?

197 items


What makes a rug modern?

Concerned about making your living space appear too old-fashioned? Don’t fret – the key to achieving modern style is to pick up rugs that edge towards geometric and abstract styles, integrating clean lines to make a sharp statement. Great alternatives to floor coverings, patterned area rugs are the way forward.

Step into contemporary excellence with this timeless collection of patterned rugs here at Matalan. Featuring a wide range of unique designs, colours and sizes, you can be sure to find the perfect rug to tie your room together once and for all. Durable and easy-to-clean, how can you possibly go wrong?

How do I choose a rug style?

It’s important to get the style of your rug just right to beautifully blend it into your home. At Matalan, we recommend considering how different colours will work with existing items within your living space. For example, rooms abundant with colour and patterns work best with a more neutral rug.

Ready for a refresh of your interior? Say hello to this uber chic and versatile range of patterned rugs. Here to add that extra point of interest into any area of your home, our rugs come with fierce geometric and abstract designs that’ll never go out of fashion.

Can you have two patterned rugs in the same room?

Sure! It depends on how you go about it. For a simple, refined look, we recommend picking up differently patterned rugs in the same colour scheme to prevent your new home accessories from causing eye strain. Mixing multiple rugs is great for sprucing up your living room, bedroom or dining room!

Layer up the look of your home by decorating your carpet or hardwood floor with a beautifully patterned rug here at Matalan. In a mix of timeless colours, including but not limited to grey, beige and ivory, it’s never been easier to add the perfect finishing touch to a room!

What kind of rug should I use on a hardwood floor?

We know the risks that come with popping a rug onto a slippery hardwood floor. Here at Matalan, we’ve stocked up on a great range of wool rugs that are durable, easy-to-clean and capable of being held in place by rug grips. In addition, they’ll amp up your living environment!

There’s nothing quite like a patterned rug for giving your home the refresh it truly deserves. And, with wonderful options that can stay secure on hardwood floors, you’ll be able to kick back knowing your interior has been accessorised to the max! Browse today to bag yourself a real bargain.

Why do we put rugs under dining tables?

A sure-fire way to pull a room together, popping a rug underneath your dining table is great for complementing the colours and styles of your dining sets. If you’re looking to make your luxurious eating area more dynamic, there’s nothing quite like a rug to make this space your own.

Pull your room together in the most stylish way imaginable with one of Matalan’s patterned rugs. Our prints cover a lot of ground to ensure you find the perfect item to complement your home décor. Super durable, they’ll last you for so long, too – win-win!