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Artificial Plants & Flowers

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Orchid in Metallic Marble Pot (82cm)
Farhi by Nicole Farhi Orchid in Metal Pot (65cm x 21cm)
Brand Nicole Farhi
Foxtail Grass in Metal Pot (65cm x 25cm)
Palm Tree in Pot (90cm)
Bobble Ceramic Planter (23cm x 23cm)
Orchid in Geometric Ceramic Vase (55cm x 10cm x 10cm)
Hydrangea in Origami Vase (46cm x 14cm)
Hydrangea & Roses in Cylinder Vase (35cm x 20cm)
Yellow Flowers in Ribbed Glass Vase (30cm x 28cm)
Flowers in Tall Glass Vase (48cm x 30cm)
Roses in Cylinder Vase (60cm x 30cm)
Embossed Outdoor Planter on Wooden Stand (32cm x 21.5cm)
New Arrivals
Colour Block Metal Planter (28cm x 20cm)
Metal Wire Tall Planter (74cm x 20cm)
Set of 2 Tall Metal Planters
Green fingers

What’s your track record like for keeping houseplants alive? Be honest, we won’t tell. If the answer is “not great” then we’re here to help. Our wide range of realistic-looking artificial plants are perfect for those of us who weren’t blessed with green fingers but still like to have a bit of greenery about the home. Part of the homeware collection, our artificial flowers will bring any house to life.

Smiley happy faces

If you want a houseplant that will make you smile, then our Smiling Face potted plants are sure to be right up your street. In a choice of colours and with adorable smiling faces, these small ceramic planters would look great on the windowsill in a teen or child’s bedroom, too.

Garden party planters

Now that the evenings are getting lighter and the temperatures are rising, it’s finally time to make use of your garden! Our tall metal planters are perfect for attractive potted plants (or even stylish candles for when the sun sets) and will make your garden look as chic as your home.

Marvellous macramé

Have you caught onto the macramé craze yet? If not, where have you been? Our hanging macramé planters are perfect for the bathroom or could be hung in the kitchen and filled with your favourite herbs. Just you wait, once your friends see yours, they’ll be insisting on getting one, too.

Exotic plants in British climates

Orchids, Aloe Vera, Palm Trees, they all look wonderful but keeping them alive when it’s raining for the seventh day in a row is not always so simple. That’s why we’ve created realistic artificial versions that you can add to your home. All the exotic glamour with none of the sadly wilting leaves!
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