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Hanging Driftwood Heart  (52cm x 51cm x 7cm)
Welcome Hook Wooden Plaque
Love Slogan Wreath Wall Hanging (29cm x 32cm x 3cm)
Born in 2021 Hanging Baby Elephant Sign (17cm x 1cm)
Greatest Grandma Plaque
Was £3.00
Mum Knows Best Plaque
Was £3.00

New home additions

You’ve moved into your dream home and you’re elated. You’ve found the perfect sofa, the carpets have been fitted and your walls have been freshly painted but you still feel like something might be missing. May we suggest you check out our selection of hanging decorations? These are the perfect additions to turn your gorgeous house into a home.

Easter treats

What’s not to love about Easter? You get a long weekend AND you can eat chocolate for breakfast without feeling guilty. If you’ve got family coming over for long lunches and exciting Easter egg hunts (just for the kids, of course) then you’ll want to make sure your house is ready. We have a selection of adorable Easter-themed decorations that will help your Easter go off with a bang.

Never get locked out again

Do you have a habit of forgetting your keys? Or more realistically, do you have a little one who seems to get through more keys than they do hot dinners? Then our Key Holders are likely to be right up your street. Crafted from bronze cast iron, it will look perfectly inconspicuous in your garden and has a secret nook for holding keys so you no one needs to wait outside in the rain ever again.

Gorgeous gardens

As the temperatures finally rise and the days get longer, there’s every chance that you’ll be casting an eye over your garden right about now. Well, is it ready to welcome guests? No? Don’t panic, a few little trinkets are all it takes and our hanging garden decorations include wind chimes, solar lights and loads more. Check out our complete outdoor lighting range while you’re at it and get ready to welcome the summer in style.