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Outdoor Rugs

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Add a touch of chic to your space with outdoor rugs from our collection. Discover sleek, durable geometric garden rugs available in a range of colours to suit your taste. You can also find on-trend runners brought you to by Homemaker, perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. Featuring a flatweave finish and contemporary tile pattern, they’re ideal for adding a little pizzaz to your patio area. Sturdy and practical, our outdoor rugs are designed for use throughout the year and are able to endure all weather conditions. Shop now to find the right style for you.

21 items


Add style with an outdoor rug

Improve the look of your outside space with a stylish rug from the Matalan collection. Whether you’re updating a small backyard or creating a cosy corner in a more extensive garden, an outdoor rug is a perfect addition to your space. These sturdy rugs are ideal for pulling your seating area together and making your garden more inviting. Pick a style and size that suits your home and enjoy warm days relaxing in your beautiful, comfortable space.


What makes a great garden rug?

The best garden rugs can withstand wet weather and lots of footfall. Choose durable materials that are easy to keep clean to get the most life out of your new outdoor furnishing. Garden rugs mean no slippery surfaces and a softer area for kids and pets to play. They’re also a great way to protect your decking or patio. Not to mention, they’re much cheaper to replace when you want a new look.


Using soft furnishings to create garden zones

If you’re planning the layout of a spacious garden, using outdoor rugs can help create distinct zones for different uses. Lay a natural jute rug under your garden dining table for intimate meals on sunny days. Or spread a colourful outside rug underneath a coffee table for a perfect space to lounge and unwind.


Choose a rug to suit your space

Looking for a garden rug that matches your personal taste? Pick a colourful style to brighten up a shady corner. Or let your flowers do the talking, keeping your rug choice simple to compliment bright shades. If you have an open living area that extends into the garden, choose an outdoor rug that reflects your décor. That way, you create a unified space the whole family can enjoy.


The best materials for an outdoor rug

Natural fabrics are perfect for garden rugs. Look out for bamboo, jute, hemp, and seagrass, natural fibres that can withstand cold and wet conditions. Bringing your garden rug inside during the winter months is an excellent way to extend its life. But picking a sturdy, easy-to-care-for material means spring showers and chilly autumn spells won’t do much damage.