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Fridge Storage

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Time for a fridge clear-out? Now you can keep your veg, meat and sweet treats neatly packed away with our extensive range of fridge storage at Matalan. Separate your fresh foods and condiments whichever way you like with transparent fridge organisers and stackable fridge storage containers. Maximise your fridge space with plastic boxes for eggs complete with a handy lid for storing made easy and secure. Or pick up our silicone liner to make cleaning the fridge simple and straightforward. Be sure to browse the rest of our kitchen storage collection for even more innovative ways to organise your space.

11 items

Super-cool fridge storage

Keeping your food fresh is easy with our handy range of fridge storage options. You’ll find all the extra boxes and trays you need to help you stay organised when you need to grab a snack or whip up a quick and easy midweek dinner.

Shop smarter with a tidy fridge

When your fridge is untidy it’s difficult to avoid waste – whether that’s throwing away expired food or spending money on items you already have that are buried out of sight. Our trays and shelves are perfectly sized to slot straight into your fridge, helping you easily plan your meals and maybe even saving you a bit of cash!

Maximise your fridge space

Whether you’ve got a brand-new kitchen or your fridge has seen better days, we can help you make the most of the space inside. Our fridge boxes are great for storing fruit and vegetables in their own compartments, while we also have shelves that can help you create more room for all those bottles and jars. Gone are the days of shoving things to the back of the fridge and forgetting they’re there!

Simple fridge storage solutions

Our plastic storage boxes are great for using in the fridge, but did you know you can also use them in your cupboards? It’s a great way to stay on top of your weekly shopping list by keeping all your tins or condiments in one place. Many of our boxes and shelves come with matching accessories such as cutlery organisers and even egg storage boxes, so your kitchen will be tidy before you know it!