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Living Room Storage

35 items

Maximise the space in your living room with our handy selection of storage. Perfect for holding games, books and other bits and bobs, our living room storage boxes come in a huge range of designs, from traditional white wicker to colourful velvet. Offering a combination of effortless style and sheer practicality, our storage footstools and fabric storage baskets will add a dash of luxury to your living room. Or showcase those precious ornaments and photographs with one of our sleek shelving choices. Opt for metal shelves or contemporary geometric metal designs for a sleek look.

35 items


Keep the living room tidy with stylish storage

There’s something magical about everything having its own specific place in the home. For a start, it means that when you get the inevitable, “have you seen my…” question, you can say “yes dear, it’s in the cupboard where it always is.” The only problem is, you need a lot of storage to have a place to store everything. Panic not, our living room storage solutions aim to provide just that.

A storage spot for living room blankets

If you’re the sort of person who loves to snuggle up under a blanket when watching TV on wintery evenings, then you’re going to need somewhere to store your blankets on the warmer nights. Our gorgeously stylish woven storage baskets are perfect for extra cushions, they look great, too.

Magazine racks and storage

No one really wants to throw away a good magazine after the first read but when there’s nowhere to put it then you don’t really have much choice. Our wire, seagrass and cut-out storage baskets are the perfect place for keeping magazines, catalogues, newspapers and manuals.

Living room-office combo storage

If your lounge also acts as a sort of informal office space, then you’re going to need somewhere for your documents. Our fabric storage trays and boxes will fit perfectly on a shelf or under a computer desk and will tidy away all of those extra bits of paper that you’re not quite ready to throw away yet.

Serious living room storage

If your storage needs are serious, then our four drawer wooden storage units will be just the thing. With either a neutral wood or a grey wash finish, these four drawer units will fit perfectly into any stylish lounge and provide heaps of storage space to boot.