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4 Wheel Suitcases

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Off on your travels? Make the journey simple and straightforward with our range of 4-wheel suitcases. Sturdy and versatile, a 4-wheel suitcase is a great option if you aren’t planning on travelling light. Discover both hardshell and softshell cabin, medium and large suitcases in different colours to suit your style. Check out innovative designs brought to you by IT Luggage, including the MaXpace suitcase complete with maximum packing capacity to fit all the essentials and more ‒ perfect for the over-packer! Prepare for your getaway today with high-quality 4-wheel suitcases at Matalan.

11 items

The joy of packing 

Part of the fun of going on holiday is packing your favourite things to take away with you. Sadly, that joy isn’t replicated when it comes to shoving your dirty clothes in the case on the way back, right? Wrong. Invest in one of the stylish suitcases from our four-wheel range and you might find that packing is a joy whatever point of the holiday you’re at.

Four wheels is better than two

They say that once you’ve tried four wheels, you’ll never go back to two. Sturdy and convenient, our range of four-wheeled cases are guaranteed to stay reliably stable no matter how quickly you have to run to catch your flight!

Just the right size for your needs

From beautifully compact suitcases that are perfect for taking onboard as carry-on luggage to large suitcases that can fit the whole family’s wardrobe, you won’t be short on choice with our range of four-wheeled suitcases. Simply work out how much room you need then check out which size is best for you.

Eye-catching luggage 

If you like to stand out, even when it comes to your luggage, then we think we might have just the thing for you. Our colourful, eye catching holographic suitcase is sure to turn heads wherever you travel. What’s more, there’ll be absolutely no fear that you’ll get it confused with that sensible black number that’s next to it on the luggage carousel.

Pick a colour, any colour

If you’re besotted with blue, gaga about green or obsessed with orange then we’ve got your bag. Choose from our wide range of colours, designs and styles to make sure your luggage is perfectly you!

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