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Choosing the right suitcase for you and your trip is essential and can save you last minute airport charges that you haven't budgeted for. Our collection covers a fantastic range of branded and multiple sized options for a variety of holidays. Whether you're going on a city break, a two week beach holiday or a weekend trip to stay with family we have something for everyone.

Shop Worlds Lightest Luggage

Worlds Lightest Luggage

Worlds Lightest cases are perfect if you want extra space and weight for more clothing with a spacious flat packing base. They come in various colours and prints across holdalls and cabin cases.

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Shop IT Luggage

IT Luggage

IT Luggage has cabin cases, frameless, lightweight and ABS. Take as many cases you like on holiday with the carry tow linking system. All the suitcases can be towed as one, so all your family can have a case. The cases have expandable zips for extra capacity and the shells are shock absorbent to limit damage.

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Revelation! Luggage

From weightless, classic and hardshell, Revelation offer suitcases for all types of journeys. These cases are easy to push upright or pull and are built to withstand the rough and tumble of the baggage carousel, festive camping of the city breaks.

Hand Luggage & Cabin Bags

Cabin cases are cheaper and quicker, but which case is best for your airline? Whether you need an all rounder, something bold for a girls weekend away or business travel, we have picked the perfect durable and practical cases for you with some packing tips!

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Shop Kids travelShop Kids travel

Travel For Kids

Keep them entertained on the journey and pack them a character suitcase full of their favourite toys & games.

Baggage Allowance TableBaggage Allowance Table

Baggage Allowance Table

No more guessing with our handy baggage allowance table.

Shop travel AccessoriesShop travel Accessories

Travel Accessories

Make your journey comfortable with a neck pillow, lock for your cases to keep your belongings safe and don't go over the weight limit by testing your case at home with a luggage scale.

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