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Baby Shower Gift Ideas

You’ve got a baby shower coming up - where to even start? They’re quite a modern occasion and have become particularly popular on social media, being the subsequent step to a gender reveal party typically.

Nowadays, they’re a big deal and a great way of preparing the parents for their newest arrival with necessities that are gifted as well as being a wonderful way of bringing all their nearest and dearest together. Don’t worry, we’ve compiled this gift guide to help you buy a gift the parents NEED and will thank you for thinking of! Spoil the mum-to-be (and baby) with our best baby shower present ideas that she won’t just find useful but will love too.

Baby Shower Gifts for Parents

She’s stressed, she’s tired and she doesn’t feel like herself. Use the baby shower as a chance to spoil mum-to-be, so she can welcome her new addition in comfort. The ultimate baby shower gift for a new mum are pyjamas that she can lay back and relax in, as well as feel pretty and fresh. Our pastel pink set will make her look and feel more like herself and give her the chance to take a moment to recharge after a long day. The relaxed fit design makes it ideal for comfort, so she can focus on getting a good night’s rest in between the night feeds. Nightwear is always a great gift that both parents will appreciate; our cool and comfortable range of men’s nightwear will help him have a good night’s sleep in between those late-night nappy changes. We’ve got smart and relaxed fit loungewear that he’ll love too which is perfect for those blurry early days that blend into nights.
Continue the pamper theme in your gifting with face masks, candles, and hair products to give her the spa-treatment-at-home evening that she deserves. Even something as simple as booking her in for her nails or hair appointment can be appreciated too! If you’re wanting to be able to physically help the parents, thoughtful gestures like bringing food that they can pop in the freezer and heat up when it’s needed is always appreciated and shows you’re aware that cooking proper meals for themselves is the last thing on their mind. Food vouchers also work just as well if you’re not into cooking yourself! Offering to even watch their tiny tot for a couple of hours so the parents can catch up on sleep, have a hot bath or shower and eat some good food will go a long way. Just considering what the parents may need once the baby is born and not just preparing for their arrival is equally a gift in the parents’ eyes.

For Baby & Parents

The most obvious recipient for your gift at a baby shower is the baby itself! However, a lot of the gifts will end up being much more helpful for the parents themselves. A staple item that both parents and baby will depend on is a changing mat. And whilst it may not seem the most exciting gift, it’s one the parents will thank you wholeheartedly for. Our Claire de Lune changing mat has taken the classic product and elevated it into one to get excited about. With its Terry towelling fabric and dimpled texture, it’ll be both comfy and practical for the baby making those frequent nappy changes a lot easier! The removable top layer also means that you can still use it when the towel layer is in the wash!
Another baby essential is a baby monitor – it’s worth checking to see if the parents have already purchased one as it’s usually at the top of their list regarding important buys. Thanks to technology, there’s a huge range of choice when it comes to the features of a baby monitor (some have video and allow you to speak through them, for example).
Baby baths for the shower are also super handy and efficient because it’s typically something forgotten about that’s crucial for their tiny tot, especially if the parents don’t own a bath.
Practical gifts can be the way forward and most likely haven’t been thought of if the baby shower is a bit earlier on in the mum-to-be’s pregnancy. It is worth remembering to chat to the parents if you’re considering buying them something on the more expensive side as a gift - they usually have an idea of what they’re looking for in mind and you also want to avoid a repeated gift situation from somebody else. If you know the other guests, why not suggest all chipping in for that pram the parents have been eyeing- an expensive gift that takes the financial load off the parents.

For your Newest Addition

If they’re waiting to find out the gender (or keeping it a surprise), we’ve got a gorgeous selection of unisex gifts that they’ll love. Keepsake boxes are very popular - what cuter way can parents keep their favourite bits from their tiny tot’s early years. From photographs and drawings to toys and their first pair of socks, this box will become a time capsule for their little sweetheart. It’s such a sentimental mantlepiece-worthy item to gift and is one of the more-fun-less-practical kind of presents if that’s more your style. Our neutral keepsake box is decorated with animals and is something the tiny tot will enjoy going through when they’re much older. For something more travel friendly, our milestone cards are the sweetest way of remembering the important dates - in such gorgeous designs, they’ll be something to look back on fondly in years to come with their little one all grown up. If you want to buy something that the baby can use when they’re older, books are always an incredibly special and timeless gift. Bedtime stories are SORTED for years to come if guests gift books for the baby!
For their Little Princess

For their Little Princess

A selection of adorable dresses to choose from are the perfect antidote for any new parent who may be looking to start the day fresh after very little sleep! Special occasionwear, such as this dress, is such a treat and the parents will definitely want to keep it once they outgrow it. From the pleated frills to the dinky bows, their tiny tot will never look cuter in an outfit that you’ve picked out - and all at such great value! You could even purchase shoes to match, or some precious hair accessories make for an equally lovely gift.
For their Little Prince

For their Little Prince

Boy baby shower gifts no longer have to be a challenge. Their tiny tot will look absolutely adorable in a smart outfit they can get some gorgeous pictures in! We can almost guarantee the parents have stocked up on the nightwear and day to day outfits for their little boy but have most likely forgotten about any occasionwear. This cute outfit will have everyone awing and will be one that photographs beautifully! There’s something so special about buying a dressier outfit for a baby that is stylish yet timeless.

Something Special

A unique baby shower gift is great if you’re incredibly close with the parent – it shows you’ve put some thought into the gift and makes it a memorable present (especially if you’re doing the experience day together or it’s something they can keep). If you’re looking to gift them something they’ll always remember the day by and be able to keep, we love homeware for a personal touch. Homeware works particularly well if you’re already aware that they need something in particular. If they’ve just moved house or redoing a room, it’s nice to contribute when they’ve already got enough on their plate! For something even more special to make memories and give the parents a break from the house, a Virgin experience day never goes amiss especially if it involves pampering the deserved mum-to-be. From afternoon teas to spa days and theatre trips, Virgin has such a wide range of experiences that will be such a timeless treat.