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How To Put Lights On Christmas Tree

Our Guide To Putting Lights On Your Christmas Tree

Our Guide To Putting Lights On Your Christmas Tree

Nothing says Christmas quite like a tree twinkling away in the corner. But when it comes to putting the lights on your Christmas tree, there are a few tips and tricks to keep in mind to make sure it looks perfect all season long.

Read on to uncover our best seasonal secrets, and our step by step guide to the perfect Christmas lights this year.

Christmas Lights Tips & Tricks: How many lights per foot of Christmas Tree?

Even though the lights on the tree might seem randomly placed, there’s actually a perfect number for the ideal spread around the tree.

Give yourself at least 100 lights per two feet of Christmas tree. So if you have a 6-foot tree, you’d need 300 LED lights, and for a

7-foot tree, 350 LED lights would be perfect, and so on.

Pick your light colour

Lights come in lots of different colours, and even different shades of white. It’s a good idea to pick a colour of lights that matches the theme of your decorations.

If you prefer to use classic white lights on your tree, you can choose from warm white or cool white lights.

Test Your Lights

Before you start to put your lights on the tree it’s important to test your Christmas lights to make sure they work. Plug them into the socket before you start stringing them up and check they’re all in working order. If not, read the instructions on the lights to see if they’re fixable.

Step by Step Guide to Putting Lights on the Tree:

Step 1

Once your Christmas tree is set up, make sure you have lots of room to walk around, you can always reposition it closer to the wall once you’ve finished decorating.

If you have a real tree, let your tree stand for a few hours to allow the branches to fall into their natural position. If you don’t wait for the branches to fall a little, the Christmas lights could be strung to tightly.

Step 2

Test your lights and make sure they’re still working.

Now, you can keep them switched on so you can see where you’re placing each one.

Step 3

Starting from the bottom of the tree (closest to the plug). Start to place the lights onto the branches weaving the lights from front to back along the branch to ensure the tree is lit throughout.

Step 4

Repeat this step all along the tree - going up in a spiral formation. You may need a second string of lights if you do not have enough.

Step 5

Once you reach the top of the tree you can wrap the end of the lights underneath one of the last loops in a loose knot to keep the lights in place.

Step 6

Some lights have different settings that are usually controlled by a button on the plug head. Choose your preferred setting,you may be able to choose between twinkle, soft fade or continuously on.

Step 7

Finish your tree by dressing it with your favourite ornaments, tinsel and baubles.